Welcome to “Bichon Frise Life“, the world of adorable fluffy balls; the cute Bichon Frise. Bichons are one of the most charming breed of dogs that are frequently called the four legged cotton balls. Without a doubt our site is a small celebration of the peculiarity of bichons, from their incredible nature and immense energy to their charming cotton ball appearance.

Our mission is to explore the life of Bichon Frise and share useful information with the bichon lovers. Be it a well experienced bichon owner or a novice, we aim to help them all. We will take you through every aspect and show best ways of maintaining a happy, healthy and delightful Bichon.

In our training section we take you through a step by step guide of training your bichon by following the correct approach. Not only will your bichon be trained but it will love you and entertain you with its sheer entertaining personality.

You will feel excited to learn proper grooming tips which will help you maintain the fluffy cotton ball appearance which is no less than a trademark for this breed. Without a doubt Bichons are a tiny bundle of joy if they are healthy. Together, we will embark on our journey to learn about taking care of our Bichon’s health.

So let “Bichon Frise Life” enchant your minds and fill your heart with the love for these extraordinary pups. No matter if you are just embarking on your journey of love for Bichon Frise or an accomplished Bichon admirer there is always something novel for anyone who cannot resist the fascination of these downy pups.