How To Clean Bichon Frise Eyes – 3 Easy Steps

Furry cotton ball like appearance tends to make Bichon Frise immensely adorable. But the brownish tear drop stains can make your pup appear dull and tired. But how to clean Bichon Frise eyes to make them appear active and healthy? Surely you need to recognize the reason behind these tear stains and then avoid those reasons. Moreover, you can use simple methods like using cotton swabs and hydrogen peroxide solution for cleaning these stains. But you need to adopt a safe approach as you are quite close to eyes and can accidently harm your pup. Let us discuss some of the reasons that can lead to tear stains along with some possible solutions that are safe to be applicable.

How To Clean Bichon Frise Eyes?

One we realize the reasons causing tear stains we can avoid them to get tear staining in bichons but we sill need to understand that how to keep bichon frise eyes clean. For this purpose you need to follow the given steps:

Step 1: Calming Your Bichon

Cleaning close to eyes can not only be dangerous but also a bit fearful for your Bichon Frise. Therefore you need to calm down your pup before you start with the cleaning process. Normalize the puppy by showing it cotton swab and taking it close to its eye. In this way it will realize that there is nothing to be afraid of and will not create a fuss. This will be possible only if your bichon is well trained and listens to you.

Step 2: Clean With Cotton Swab

Now take some warm water and a cotton ball. Dip the cotton ball in warm water and gently rub the tear duct with it. This will clean any residue in the dust and will also make your bichon comfortable due to warm water.

Step 3: Hydrogen Peroxide (Optional)

If the tear stains are stubborn and still you do not realize that how to clean Bichon Frise eyes then you may use a very dilute solution of hydrogen peroxide which is only 3 percent in concentration and is food grade. This solution is your last resort Although you can avoid this step as it can be dangerous and may even result in instant chemical burn in some cases. So you need to think a lot before this step. Besides, you may use tear stain removal cream or drops that are manufactured by different countries.

Why Do Bichons Have Tear Stains?

Tear staining is included in old age problems of bichons but it can occur in all age groups. Therefore we need to treat as early as possible. So when finding a solution the first and foremost step of solving any problem is to find the reason behind the problem. In this way you may be able to avoid the problems to some extent. In this case we will discover some reasons that can lead to tear stains in Bichons.

bichon frise eye problems


Some problems are genetic in nature i.e., genes from parent result in them. Tear staining is one of such problem which is very common in small sized dogs. Clearly bichons are one of them. They are specifically vulnerable to tear stains due to a genetic condition. In this genetic condition the tear duct gets blocked and stain develops. This abnormality of tear ducts can be solved by any veterinary surgeon. They cut open the gland and enlarge it enough for the gland to not be blocked again.

Infectious Illness

Sometimes some infection result in expensive tearing like ear and sinus infection. This excessive tearing then requires an excessive care of eyes which is sometimes not possible for the owners as a result of which bichon frise tear staining is frequently observed. So you need to protect your Bichons from contracting infections at all cost. As these diseases not only result in staining but can cause your bichon to die i.e., if they are not treated properly.


Teething is certainly a crucial time for all the puppies. Therefore, they may face bichon frise eyes tear staining every now and then. All you can do is to take care of your Bichon’s health and clean its eyes every now and them.

Allergic Reactions

Allergic reactions are known to be harmful for the Bichon Frise. They can develop a number of issues owing to allergy like bichon frise tear stains. These are also caused when Bichon Frise eye gunk does not gets removed naturally with the tears, rather it accumulates in the eye socket.


One quite big reason behind this apparently small problem is irritation. Irritation might be produced as a result of allergy or it can also be caused due to any external features like ticks and mites. These may result in a number of Bichon Frise eye problems other than bichon eye stains.

How To Prevent Tear Stains On Bichon Frise

Now that you know that how to clean bichon tear stains, you need to learn that how to stop bichon frise eye staining. The answer to this question is extremely simple. All you need to do is to prevent any of the reasons mentioned above. In this you can easily avoid this problem without making any major changes in the life of your Bichon.

clean bichon tear stains


Bichon Frise are extremely adorable puppies that are available in a very reasonable cost. They are easy to handle and therefore they are suitable for even the first time owners. For instance even in this case of removing tear stains you do not need to panic. You just need to follow the steps mentioned in the guideline given above and if the problem does not disappear at once you do not need to worry.

You can repeat the step every day with consistency and surely you will see positive result soon. Moreover, we have not only answered your question that how to clean Bichon Frise eyes, but we have also provided reasons so that you can avoid the reasons resulting in such a problem.

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