Eye Infection In Dogs – 5 Useful Suggestions

Eye infection in dogs may seem like a simple problem, but it can be very scary for the dog and the owner. It is not easy to detect an eye infection. This is because the visible signs of infection can be irritation in eyes along with redness. But it is impossible to tell without experience that is it an allergy, irritation or a bacterial infection. For these reasons dog eye infection is difficult to be detected, especially by first time owners.

Therefore, we have provided a complete guideline about infection, symptoms and treatment for eye infection in dogs. This guideline comes with some useful suggestions which you need to consider whenever such thing happens to your dog. Let us get into the details of this crucial discussion.

Symptoms of Eye Infection In Dogs

Whenever we come across a medical issue we need to know that how can we detect the problem. For this purpose we must first discuss the symptoms that can be sowed by any such problem. And this is not only true for eye infection, but this is also true for any old age problem like cancer, arthritis and dental issues etc. Besides, we also need to know that if the problem is fatal or not. By fatal we mean that if the dog is in danger of dying or not. Certainly, eye infection is not a fatal problem, but it can also be painful for you puppy. Let us now discuss the symptoms:

  1. Green discharge from eye dog
  2. Redness in dogs eyes
  3. Swelling
  4. Increased blinking
  5. Excessive dog eye discharge
  6. Excessive and frequent tearing

Types of Dog Eye Infections

Eye infection in dogs can be of two major types i.e., bacterial and viral. By far bacterial infections are far more commonly observed in comparison to the viral infection. And bacterial infections also do not occur when bacteria attacks, rather it occurs when bacterial attacks and the eye defense is weak. Eye defense can be weak due to dehydration or any physical trauma to the eye. If the eye defense it good the tear film can easily stop bacterial attack. Some times due to several reasons tear stains also appear which needs to be cleaned frequently to make your dog appear neat and active.

types of dog eye infections

Treating Eye Infection In Dogs Without Vet – Useful Suggestions

All dog owners are reluctant to visit vet just for issues like dog eye swollen owing to infection and want to try some small suggestions in home. At this time they wonder that how to treat dog eye infection without vet. In our view it is best to visit a vet as early as possible but if you are reluctant to visit a vet then you can follow the given suggestion to ease the pain of your dog.

  1. You can rinse the eyes with saline solution.
  2. You should avoid using any human eye drops for dog eye infection as it can harm your puppy
  3. You should use these suggestion when you observe only a little dog green eye discharge. If the discharge is more then immediately take your dog to a vet.
  4. You can use eye wash solutions that are recommended for dogs as well as cats.
  5. Clean the eye frequently to remove discharge and then put eye wash solution without touching the tip of bottle with the eye of the dog.

Proper Time To Visit Vet

Although it is recommended to visit the vet as soon as you see any discharge dog eye infection, but if you want to give it a try to treat the issue at home due to high cost of vet consultation, then you should immediately visit vet when you observe some common signs. These sign include extreme redness, swelling, greenish discharge, and irritation. At this point you need to visit a vet ophthalmologist who can give a detailed examination to your dog’s eye. Ophthalmologists also tend to prescribe an antibiotics for dog eye infection.

Tips To Avoid Eye Infection In Dogs

The first step of keeping a pet is to learn the art of avoiding problems. This means that you need to take steps that can avoid a majority of problems. For this purpose you need to trim the longer strands of your dog hair so that they do not go into the eye causing infections.

Secondly, always put googles around your eyes during hiking and park activities. In this way you can avoid dust getting into the eyes of your dog. It may seem like difficult task, but you can train your dog to wear google by constant practice. Moreover, always make them use googles during swimming to protect the eyes of your dog from harmful chemicals in pool water. You can take these steps to avoid your dog from getting any kind of eye infection.

dog green eye discharge

How to Distinguish Between Allergy And Eye Infection In Dogs

Allergies reactions and wye infection appear quite similar in dogs. Therefore, most of the time the owners mix up both the conditions as a result of which some of them do not visit the vet at all. In order to distinguish between allergies and eye infection in dogs you can take a look onto the mucous membrane of dog. If it is swollen it can be allergy. Moreover, another method to distinguish between the two is to observe both the eyes. If both eyes are affected it is likely allergy. But if it is only in one eye then it is infection. I hope you now understand the method to distinguish between the two conditions properly.


Like all illnesses dog eye infection can be scary but it is treatable. Moreover, it is also avoidable if you pay attention to some useful suggestions given above. If you ever come across such infection in your dog’s eyes you do not need to worry. Just try to keep the eye clean by washing it with wash solutions and then use antibiotics if the vet has prescribed any. Avoid taking your dog to dusty places during the time of infection as it can make the infection even worse. Love and cuddle your dog throughout the illness as it can give your dog a sense of security and it can heal faster than usual.

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