How Much Does a Bichon Frise Cost; Detailed Explanation

At present Bichon Frise are the most demanded breed of dog in the market. Its fluffy appearance and cute behavior melts the heart of the pet lovers. But do you know how much does a Bichon Frise cost? Answering the question, the cost varies with certain factor. The upfront cost of adopting is a little less than buying it from the breeder of your choice. And this is not the only cost, later you will have to pay for the different maintenance factors. So let us discuss the cost of having a Bichon Frise as your companion.

How Much Does a Bichon Frise Cost

Bichons being one of the most in demand breed are quite expensive. Besides, cost depends upon the source from which you get your bichon. Lt’s discuss this aspect in detail:

Free of Cost

This might have caught you by surprise, that how do you get a Bichon free of cost. This is only possible if you are lucky i.e., if your neighbor, friends or family want to give away a baby bichon for free in order to relocate them. But this does not happen often. Moreover, you can get free bichon frise if a relative has bichon frise babies and they give you one for free.


You can always adopt dogs from shelter homes but it is unlikely to find a young bichon in shelter homes due to its immense popularity. But this is not impossible. All you have to do is to 50 to 500 dollars to the workers in shelter.

Buying Directly From Breeder

So this may cost you 1000 to 2000 dollars but if you want to buy a bichon as early as possible then this is certainly the best possible option for you. These prices vary according to the region from which you buy your bichon, the reputation of the breeder as well as the physical health of your bichon frise.

How Much Does a Bichon Frise Cost In Australia?

If you want to buy the best quality bichon in Australia then the sale price can be overwhelmingly high ranging between 2000 to 4000 Australian dollar.

How Much Does a Bichon Frise Cost UK?

In U.K the sale price for a well bred bichon frise is between 800 to 1800 sterling pounds. You can also learn a lot about the ongoing prices of Bichons by attending the bichon clubs and entertainment shows because there you can know more about the price ranges.

bichon frise cost

How Much Does a Bichon Frise Cost In Philippines?

Bichon Frise are extremely famous in Philippine. You can find a number of different social media communities that share the love for these cuties. In Philippines they may cost between 6000 to 40000 pesos.

How Much Does a Bichon Frise Cost In Canada?

The cost for bichon frise is same in Canada as well as in Australia i.e., it is between 2000 to 4000 dollars.

Cost of Different Types

Bichon cost not only depend upon the source, but also depends upon the type of bichon that you are buying. Some famous types of bichons include teacup bichon, black bichon & white bichon. You might wonder what is so special in a teacup bichon and how much does a teacup bichon frise cost? Actually a teacup bichon frise puppy is a hybrid breed which has bichon as one of the ancestors and therefore resemble a smaller version of Bichon Frise. It can cost between 250 to 2500 dollars.

White bichon frise Price1200$ to 2000$
Black bichon frise Price50$ to 300$
Teacup bichon frise Price250$ to 2500$

Why Are Bichon Frise So Expensive?

Most of you might have this question in your mind. Our research shows that adopting or buying a bichon is not a one time expense, rather it costs some money to keep them healthy and maintained. Following factors are specifically considered whenever evaluating that how much bichon frise cost.

Why Are Bichon Frise So Expensive

Health & Care

This aspect includes all the expenses from vet visits to grooming , neutering, spaying, vaccinations as well as medications. This can cost between 115 to almost 300$ per month. These factors are responsible for raising a happy and a healthy bichon frise which is less likely to have health issues even when they grow old. Besides, no one wants to let such a lovely companion die of any illness just by trying to save a few dollars.


So the expenses on food can vary a lot depending upon the owner as well as the taste and the habit of the bichon. For instance a bichon may love the food which is economical or the owner may be satisfied by top notch food brand. So this factor varies according to the owner’s choice and bichon’s taste.


just like food, the cost on grooming also depends largely on the owner. Some owners are very conscious of the appearance of their bichons and they brush their fur regularly. Moreover, they are perfectly capable of trimming the downy fur to reveal the cotton ball appearance of bichons for which they are famous. On the contrary, some other owners may find it more convenient to take their bichon to a professional groomer. And cost will vary significantly in most cases.


This might sound something different but like every significant thing and person in your life, pets also need an insurance to ensure there health. This can fairly reduce your health expenses in case your bichon contracts any issue during their life time.


Although training bichons can be easy as compared to other breed if the right approach is adopted. But some people prefer to get then trained through professional. They start with crate training, house breaking and train then until they learn they learn to swim and behave in public.


Bichons being adorable and entertaining are preferred by first time owners. They are often considered as designer dogs as they contain all the qualities that can be present in any dog worth keeping as a pet. They behave well in public, they cuddle and never let you feel lonely. They may seem like a little expensive to buy and maintain but the love and joy they give you completely justifies every penny that you pay.

How much does a bichon frise cost in euros?

In euros the buying bichon frise price initiates from about 40 euros and may get to about 200 euros with the change of breed and pedigree.

Do rescue organization works for the betterment of NGOs?

Yes their are numerous NGOs that work specifically for protection of bichon frise. Moreover, other organizations that are for other animals also operate so as to take care of any abandoned dog be it a bulldog, bichon frise or a retriever.

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