How To Train A Bichon Frise? 4 Easy Steps

Bichon Frise is a lovely breed of puppies that are loved by most. As companions they are one of the most perfect choices, however they also require a proper training as much as any other dog breed. Well, who doesn’t love a well-trained, well nurtured and well-fed Bichon playing around in the house. But only cuddles are not enough to train these cute dogs. You need to know that how to train a bichon Frise, as it has its own optimum training initiating age and its own needs. Therefore, we have provided a proper guideline and some and tricks to help the first-time owners in this aspect.

Training Bichons is different from training a Golden Retriever or a German Shephard. The whole process has its own enjoyment and struggles. But ultimately the end result is very rewarding when you finally get the feeling of achieving something big in life. But certainly, it takes some time, consistency and efforts as well.

The first thing that you need to remember when you are figuring out that how to train a bichon frise is that it is not a one day or a one-week process. You cannot feel frustrated and scold you Bichon as it will never do any good. Therefore, one useful piece of advice is to be patient through out the process and hope for the best results. So, let’s not waste our time and know more about this process in a better way.

How To Train A Bichon Frise: Step By Step Guide

Although most Bichon owners clearly understand the necessity of training their pups, yet most of them do not know that how to train a Bichon Frise. In order to ease the difficulty of our readers we have elaborated each and every detail about the training process so that the reader can understand and apply the steps with convenience.

train bichon frise

As we all know that Bichons love to please the owners and this is why they can be trained with love and patience in a matter of time. Let us learn about few steps that you should follow to ease & speed up the entire process.

Step 1: House Breaking

For the owners who do not know how to train a Bichon Frise, they can always start their training process with house breaking. One thing to be kept in mind is that this training starts immediately after taking your pup home. You can take them to the designated toilet spot and praise them in return.

After sometime they develop the habit to go to the same spot as and when required and they will not pee inside the home. As Bichons are small in size, their bladder capacity is less. So, you need to take them to their designated spot every 2 to 3 hours. It is better to take then to their spot about 15 minute after having a meal.

Step 2: Crate Training

First time owners do not know that how to potty train a bichon frise. Therefore your next step is to crate train your Bichon. You can also designate crate as a place for potty training and urination. You need to teach your puppy that they have to stay in their crate when you are busy, at night and whenever it needs to relieve itself. But it is not as easy as it might sound. You need a great deal of consistency, focus and patience. You need to give a treat to your Bichon every time it follows your command. In this way they relate the treat with the act of following commands and become obedient to their owners.

But those who do not know the complete process about how to train a Bichon Frise, often make some mistakes. They scold their puppy or sometimes give way too many treats that their puppy gets bored and stop following the commands. You should never make such mistakes, if you want to train your Bichon properly. Besides, try to make the crate a comfy place your puppy so that it can stay their happily and do not show separation anxiety when placed in the crate. Moreover, the size of cate should be large.

Step 3: Leash Training

Collars and leash are absolute necessity for taking your dog on a walk. But Bichons may feel wary to collars. Therefore, you need to give some time to your Bichon for getting familiarized with the collar. Leave the collar on the floor and let it sniff and play with it. One the Bichon realizes that collar is not threatening, slowly put the collar around its neck.

Do not take your Bichon out for a walk on the first day of leashing it, rather walk in home for some days. Treat when it follows command and teach it that pulling hard on leash has no effect on you. So that your Bichon stops making fuss. After a few days take it out for a walk for a few minutes and then make the duration longer if the puppy behaves well. Moreover, you need to learn that how to train a Bichon Frise to sit and how to train a Bichon Frise to stop barking. In this way you will never have any issue during your outdoor visits.

Step 4: Bite Training

You can put your hand in its mouth and when it tries to bite, scream loudly and signal ‘No’. Then put a chewing mouth in its mouth and also give it a treat for its good behavior. You also need to train them to not put every thing in mouth. This can save them from a large number of illnesses and parasites from which these pups can die from.

Step 5: Swimming Training

Another aspect to be considered in training is teaching your bichon how to swim. Bichons are born swimmers and can learn with a little effort.

Hire A Bichon Frise Professional Trainer

If you do not know that how to train a Bichon Frise, you can follow the above mentioned steps. But still if you face any problem you can always hire a professional, as they know all about puppies as it is easier in comparison to other breeds, but still it requires your full attention, time and focus if you really want an obedient and hygienic dog.

Is It Difficult to Train Bichon Frise?

A long history of Bichon Frise shows its participation in dog shows as well in circus for entertaining audience. This clearly shows its naturally trainable nature that makes it a perfect dog to be trained. But a point to be remembered is that Bichons may not respond well to scolding or harsh behavior. They may bark a lot. So, despite their trainable nature you should not get irritable with Bichons as they tend to whine and may show aggressive behavior. Moreover they may become unresponsive to their trainer in such cases. So you need to stay patient and calm them down in case they are showing signs of behavioral issues.


When Should One Train Their Bichon Frise?

Bichons are good learners, but there is an optimum time for everything. Similarly, the optimum time to train your Bichon is eight weeks after its birth. But if you get your Bichon at an age more than 8 weeks you should start to train it from the very first day. Consequently, it will adjust to the new habits in a certain time.

Is Training Bichons Necessary?

Although some owners do not get a good feeling from the idea of training as it might seems like controlling the cute breed, but it is extremely necessary to train your Bichon Frise. Training makes your puppy patient as well as obedient. They do not jump and ask for attention all the time. They seem well behaved as the result of training. Moreover, trained bichons are not only hygienic, but healthy and this can save them from old age problems. So, you should absolutely train your Bichon Frise.


Training may seem difficult to people who do not know that how to train a Bichon Frise, but it can become easy if you follow the steps without making any mistake. Due to its convenient training as compared to other dog breeds, Bichons are considered a good choice for first time owners. But if you fail to train your Bichon properly, it can exhibit behavioral issues through out its life. So never take the process lightly an pay special attention to each and every act of your Bichon during the complete training process. You may hire a professional if you feel difficulty during the process.


How to train a bichon frise to pee at a specific area?

If you do not know that how to train a bichon frise too pee at a specific location then you need to fix a spot and take it their after every few hours according to your bichon frise bladder capacity. Give it a small treat after it obeys you. In this way it will soon develop a reflex of going to that specific location for peeing.

How to potty train a bichon frise?

Potty training bichon frise requires the same step as training bichon frise to pee at the right spot. You need to take it to the right place and let it relieve itself and give a hug or a treat afterwards. Repeat this action again and again and surely you will potty train your bichon frises in some time.

What is bichon frise attitude towards strangers?

Bichon frise personality is not a mystery at all, rather bichon frise friendliness is known to all. They are active, lovely cute, but at the same time they are agile as well as alert. They can detect even a small change in their surrounding.

What are the bichon frise training commands that you need to teach initially?

If you are a new owner and do not know how to start bichon frise training then you need to teach your bichon frise basic commands like “sit”, “stop” and “stand” and “come here”.

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