5 Bichon Frise Behavior Problems And Best Solutions

Dogs like humans are living beings and like humans each dog has its own behavior. And despite being adorable and cute, Bichon Frise tend to show some issues during their training. Such Bichon Frise behavior problems are quite similar to problems faced by any other dog breed. But these behavioral problems can worsen if the training approach is not appropriate. Besides, finding suitable solution to such problems requires an understanding of the reason behind such issues. Mentioned below are some of such problems and the solution for each one of them.

Bichon Frise Behavior Problems

Bichon Frise behavior problems are as diverse as health problems faced by the bichons. But unlike the health problems, behavioral problems are not fatal and cannot lead to death. These include

1. Separation Fear

As mentioned earlier, bichons tend to be clingy. They cannot live without their owners. Therefore, they are habitual of clingy behavior, warm cuddles and close attention. But if you fail to provide them with proper training then the craving for their owner turn intro a behavioral problem. One such behavioral issue is separation fear. This may turn into bichon frise aggressive behavior. This aggressiveness may not always be explained by separation anxiety, but there can be numerous reasons for such behavior.

2. Barking

Another behavioral problem which is worth discussing is the barking problem. If your dog barks without any probable reason then its time to train your dog. Because dogs are only trained to bark only when they notice some intrusion. But if your dog is barking indefinitely, thus will transform your loving neighbors into your instant enemies.

3. Crate Training Issues

Crate training might seem like unimportant but it is certainly the most important & significant kind of training. The significance can be noticed when you tend to see a bichon that is apparently brought or adopted and it chooses to relieve itself either in the room or in park areas afterwards. This behavior is extremely upsetting and the owners should start training the bichon as soon as they adopt it as it is the most crucial kind of training which always takes some time to be inculcated in the lives of the bichon frise.

bichon frise aggressive behavior

4. Coprophagia

Coprophagy refers to as the act of eating on to the fecal matter. This is a very nasty issue and needs to be resolved as urgently as possible. This issue may also root from the bichon frise anxiety. Besides such a behavioral problem directly leads to physical problems like parasites which is a common problem observed in Bichon Frise.

5. Urination

One commonly observed behavioral issue is the linking between the neurological condition of the bichon and the physiological occurrences like urination. This is a kind of urination in which the dog associates fear with urination. It urinates as and when it fears some thing. For instance, your bichon may fear scolding, therefore it starts to urinate,.

Solutions to Bichon Frise Behavioral Problems

The first step of solving any problem is to find the reason behind it and we have certainly mentioned all possible reasons behind these issues. Now let us discuss some suggestions which may act as solution to these problems

  1. Keep your Bichon Frise physically exhausted as this will keep your dog away from the house chores whenever you are busy. The most suitable physical activity for such person is swimming, as it tires the Bichon Frise very much trained and ii
  2. Secondly, You need to crate train your Bichon Frise so that it learns to live in crate whenever you are busy and are not able to pay attention to it. It must know the fact that although you might not be close enough to cuddle it, still you will always return no matter the time taken for returning.
bichon frise behavior


Bichon Frise behavioral problems are rooted in the behavior of their owner with them. But it becomes fairly difficult to deal will all these problems if specifically you are also a new owner and know nothing about them. You wonder what is the correct approach for treating such problems of Bichon Frise. Here the fact to be remembered is that there is no hard and fast rule to solving such problem.


Is Bichon Frise aggressive behavior the result of lack of attention from its owner or not?

Yes! Bichon Frise depression symptoms also result from lack of attention from the owner. These pups are forever adorable and they are habitual of getting all the possible attention from the owner. If the owner fails to give attention these fluffy balls feel upset and they develop either depression or anxiety. But this is not the only reason. There are numerous other reasons that can led to development of Bichon Frise behavior problems.

Is Bichon Frise temperament Feisty?

Bichon Frise temperament is feisty and active but at the same time its behavior is problematic owing to such behavioral conditions which are not tolerable in most cases. They need to treated through training and other suggestions. Besides, all other options a simple option is to adopt the correct training approach and if such approaches do not work call for a professional physician so that he can deal with the problem in the possible way.

Are female Bichon Frise behavior problems same as that of male Bichon Frise?

These behavior problems are not gender based and they tend to develop in both cases irrespective of the gender of the Bichon Frise. Which means that both the male and the female Bichon Frise suffer from the same behavioral issues.
All you need to do is to find out the trigger that leads to such issue in your Bichon. Remove the reason that was triggering the issue. Moreover, you can only learn to apply the correct approach by trial and error rule which means that the person learns by applying a number of different approaches and then repeating the approach which proves to be suitable for your Bichon Frise. In this way you can easily cope with Bichon Frise without getting into any serious problem.

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