Are Bichon Frise Good with Cats? 2024 – Guide

When you are a pet lover you cherish the company of your pet. Some pet lovers find their family in their pet and they also tend to keep more than one pet. But while adopting a new pet you should always check the compatibility their compatibility. For instance, if you have a cat and are planning on adopting a Bichon Frise you need to know that are Bichon Frise good with cats? This is essential as you would not want to referee a cat and dog fight every now and then.

Bichon Frise is a happy dog who loves every person who stays with it for long time and plays continuously without leaving it alone. But when it comes to other animals it is a whole different story. With cats however, Bichons are comfortable but it is still recommended to give them some time to accept each other as a part of family.

Which Dogs Are Good With Cats

Although it is a common concept that dogs cannot live with cats and may behave aggressively. But it is certainly not true for all breeds. Some breeds of dogs not only live but enjoy the company of cats. Some breeds of dogs that can live with cats are as follows:

  • Golden Retriever
  • Labrador Retriever
  • Basset Hound
  • Maltese
  • Poodle
  • Bichon Frise
  • Pug
  • Beagle
  • Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Which Dogs Are Not Cat Friendly

If you want wonder are Bichon Frise good with cats then yes they are able to form a very friendly relationship with cats. But some dogs are unable to be friendly with cats. Some of such dogs are mentioned below

  • Grey Hound
  • Whippet
  • Siberian Husky
  • Smooth Fox Terrier
  • Irish Wolf Hound

Are Bichon Frise Good With Cats?

Now the dog breed under consideration is Bichon Frise. To know that are Bichon Frise dogs good with cats or not we need to discuss this point from every possible aspect. Bichon Frise is generally known for its friendly nature. It is a cute little ball of fur which is able to make its place in the heart of every person who meets them. But the interaction with pets is different.

In case of cats general trend observed is friendliness form both sides. i.e., from cats as well as Bichon Frise. But the factor which plays the most crucial role in shaping the relationship between both the pets is their introduction. If the circumstances in which your Bichon Frise introduced to the cat are good and friendly then the relationship will be best. But if in some way any of pet is feels insecure then it will result in a bad ending. So if you are thinking of adopting a Bichon Frise along with a cat, then you need to give them a positive start with each other.

dogs that can live with cats

How To Tame Bichon Frise To Be Friendly With Cats?

Now that you know the answer to most asked question that are Bichon Frise good with cats, now it is time to learn the art of taming your Bichon Frise to make it more comfortable around all kind of cats. If you are a beginner you need to keep the following steps in mind:

Step 1 : Things To Be Ensured Before Introduction

So if you are going to introduce Bichon Frise with cats you need to ensure some points beforehand. For instance, you need to know whether your Bichon Frise obeys your simple commands like sit, stop and stand vigilantly or not. If yes then proceed with introduction, otherwise train your Bichon Frise to obey beforehand.

Step 2: Separate Space In The Beginning

Both the pets should have a separate space in the beginning days until they receive all required shots. In this way they will get normalized with each others presence in the house before their introduction.

Step 3: Creating Safe Space

Before you introduce both the pets you need to create a safe space for each pet where the other pet is unable to enter and where they will hide if they threatened by each others presence.

Step 4: Short Limited Meetings

In the beginning you need to leash your dog as well as cat and introduce them with each other for short interval of times so that they can meet without any unwanted event.

Step 5: Creating Positive Memories

Feed them in separate bowls but close to each other like on the opposite sides of the same door so that they can correlate good memories with each others presence and do not feel threatened or insecure.

Step 6: Positive Reinforcement

Always keep separate treats for both of them and award them these treats in response to even small act of obedience.

Step 7: Avoid Tension

If in the beginning both the pets show some lack of interest and want to leave each others company, do not force them to stay together. Let them leave if they want to and give them some time to bond and accept each other.

Step 8: Leave Them Together

If and only if you feel that the initial tension between both the pets have disappeared, then leave them alone in the room for some time but constantly monitor them. Remove them from each other in case any kind of tension appears. Remove them even if you observe excessive barking or whining. In this way they will immediately calm down. If you obey each step patiently then you can tame Bichon Frise behavior with cats even if you are beginner.

bichon frise with cats


Bichon Frise best personality and amazing relationship with their owners is an understatement. In fact they crave company and their behave very well in the presence of majority of other animals. But like the relationship of humans, Bichon Frise relationship also varies from animal to animal. And if you want to know that are Bichon Frise good with cats, it will generally depends upon the first introduction. Therefore you need to take the above mentioned guidelines to ensure that the relationship is healthy in all aspects.


Are Bichon Frise good pets for first time owners?

Yes Bichon Frise are one of the most easy going, friendly and entertaining pets to be adopted for first time owners. They are lovely, cute and certainly the best addition to your family

Why it is important to train Bichon Frise before introducing cats?

Bichon Frise being friendly can be excited and may even scare the cat as a result of this excessive excitement. Therefore, you need to train your Bichon Frise enough to stop it if it is scaring away the cat.

How much time does it take to develop friendship between a cat and a dog?

The time required for developing a good understanding between a dog and a cat depends upon the nature of both the dog and the cat. This also holds true for Bichon Frise puppies.

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