11 Crazy Facts About Bichon Frise – 2024

By far you only know some very certain facts about Bichon Frise like their fluffy appearance, cotton ball fur, demanding and hypoallergenic nature. But do you really think this is all that you need to know about Bichon Frise? No certainly not. Here we have mentioned some very astonishing Bichon Frise facts that are a must know for every owner. Let’s delve into the details of this matter.

Facts About Bichon Frise That You Must Know

Mentioned below are some of the facts about Bichon Frise dogs that will leave you in awe and astonishment.

1) Are Bichon Frise French Breed?

First in the list for interesting facts about Bichon Frise dogs is the name for this breed which is correctly pronounced in French language as bee-shon free-zay. But still the origin of name has a conflicting situation. Some people believe the name to be derived from the French work biche which is known as a small dog. While others claim the name to be derived from the word barbichon which is known as a small poodle.

This name is given to this dog for its origin from poodle dog. Due to such conflicts in the origin of name, many people confuse the origin of this breed for being French. On the contrary, Bichon Frise is a Spanish dog. If you really are a Bichon lover than this is the most important of all Bichon Frise facts you must know. Next time some one claims Bichon to be French dog, you can tell them this fact and background history.

2) Bichon Frise Is An Old Breed

Although Bichon Frise is adopted by most modern families now a days and its appearance also imply its modernity, but in reality Bichon Frise is a very old breed of dog that can be traced back to royals of 15the century. These dogs were also adopted by the best of the best people even at that time and still they are adopted by many modern owners.

bichon frise interesting facts

3) Do Brown Bichon Frise Exist

Most people would have witnessed brown fluffy dogs and think of them as brown Bichon Frise, but surprisingly brown Bichon Frise do not exist. White or a light cream shades are present in Bichons. W e can say that white Bichon Frise is the only color you can see in Bichons.

4) Bichon Frise Art

It might sound insane, but you can find pieces of art work on Bichon Frise. This is because they were adopted by the royals and upper class during the old time and therefore they were an essential part of paintings of those eras like Francisco de Goya Bichon Frise art work. And even now you can find a number of Bichon Frise Christmas trinkets and Bichon Frise ornaments if you want to add a little something of your Bichon Frise in your Christmas decoration or even buy a Bichon Frise plush toy for your child.

5) Bichon Frise Has Different Types

Most people thought Bichon Frise were of different colors, but this is not true. Those you were aware that only white Bichon Frise exist were unaware that their are 4 different Bichon Frise types depending upon their breeding place. Originally Bichon Frise were Spanish but they were famous among sailors who used to take them on ships to different places other than Spanish mainland as a result of which 3 other Bichon Frise kinds were observed.

The Spanish mainland Bichon Frise is also known as Tenerife. Maltese Lion Puppy is the one from Malta and has a comparatively longer fur coat. Bolognaise is originated from Bolognas where as the cross breed of Blanquito de la Habana and Tenerife is known as Havanese and it is present in Cuba. The Blanquito de la Habana dog is now extinct.

6) Non-Sport Bichon Frise

If you love your Bichon Frise and are truly aware of its body and physical activity then you might agree with most dog clubs in the world which do not consider Bichon Frise sport dog and others also refer to it as Bichon Frise toy dog. So in most cases Bichon Frise show a little less activity. But they can be used in entertainment industry.

7) Born Entertainers

Although the physique of Bichon Frise suggests them to be non-sporting dog, but hey are born entertainers. During the 15tth century and even afterwards they have been constantly used in circuses in order to entertain the audience. This is one of the pro of adopting or buying a Bichon Frise.

8) Hypoallergenic Breed

Most dogs are allergenic and are unsuitable for dog owners who are severely allergic in nature. But this dog is fit to be bought by allergic owners who do not buy other dogs and pets owing to their allergies. But Bichon Frise is hypoallergenic and does not shed at all. And if it sheds then there is an underline reason for it like old age and chronic illnesses.

9) Winner of Westminster Challenge

This will sound very simple and underrated, but Westminster is the best club. And Bichon Frise have won in the competition, not once but twice. So you can say that Bichon Frise popularity also exists in the dog world.

interesting facts about bichon frise dogs

10) Oliver and Ozzie Bichon Frise

Ozzie us the internet sensation in the Bichon Frise world. This Bichon Frise is known all over the social media and is loved by many Bichon Frise lovers. Oliver on the other hand was an ill Bichon Frise. He was suffering from a thyroid disease and was taken into recognition by a writer who wrote the character Oliver in relation to his thyroid disease which was common with his grandson. Therefore, we can say that it is a story of Oliver as well as the grand child of the reporter. These are the names of famous Bichon Frise and some Bichon Frise interesting facts.

11) Grooming Is Essential

Now that we have mentioned 10 fun facts about Bichon Frise lets move towards the Bichon Frise information that is essential for you to know as a Bichon Frise owner. Although Bichon Frise do not shed but still they need grooming every now and then. This will be expensive but you can comb it and train it at home to a great extent. For instance you can use some simple effective products for tear stain removal. Similarly you can use a number of other products.


If some one asks that what is unique about Bichon Frise? In this case you have a lot to tell. top 11 such facts that will amaze Bichon Frise lovers are mentioned above. Each reason a little amazing than the previous one and you will learn a lot about your Bichon Frise.


What do I need to know about Bichon Frise?

Most Bichon lovers know a lot about their Bichons but you can never become perfect about something. Even if you know a lot you still have a space for learning. One such aspect is your Bichon Frise. The fact that you should know about this breed is that they are Spanish in nature and not French dogs.

Are Bichon Frise Old Dogs?

Bichon Frise breed is almost 700 years old which suggest that Bichon Frise are old dog breed with many generations.

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