Do Bichon Frise Shed? 6 Tips To Control Excessive Shedding

Are you one of the pet owners who is worried about his Bichon shedding although you were told that Bichons do not shed at all and now you are wondering that do Bichon Frise shed or not? No need to worry about any thing as we are here to guide you in every aspect of your Bichon Frise life and we share the same love that you feel for your Bichon.

Now we would start by clearing your confusion about shedding. Bichon Frise do shed like all other dog breeds, but they do not shed excessively as it it is true for other dogs. They will shed minimal and there are cases when the owner do not notice shedding at all until they comb through the downy cotton ball fur. So, if your Bichon is shedding then it is perfectly normal and healthy.

Do Bichon Frise Shed?

Bichon Frise do they shed. Yes certainly they do shed but why do Bichon Frise shed and how to take care of shedding is what we will explain here. First answering that why do Bichon Frise shed. We can say that it is a natural process which cannot be eliminated completely. Moreover, it is very important as the dog gets rid of unwanted hair and old skin during this process which are damaged. And consequently thick coat grows back in winters.

How To Control Excessive Shedding in Bichon Frise?

If your Bichon is shedding to such an extent that you have started thinking things like do Bichon Frise shed a lot then it is a sign of excessive shedding in most cases. Although shedding is normal in dogs but if you think that your Bichon is shedding a lot then it is not normal at all and you need to take some important measures. These measures will not only help your Bichon with normalizing its shedding rate bit also ensure that your Bichon is saved from various old age problems, parasites and other issues that might prove to be fatal later on. Let’s learn about these measures that can transform your Bichon’s life:

do bichon frise dogs shed

1. Hydration

Hydration is a key to most of the issues in the life of any being. If your Bichon is get optimal water through out the day then it will never shed a lot. Moreover, dander are also not observed as skin shedding is also reduced. It will also ensure that various bodily functions are carried out properly thus maintaining health and well being of your Bichon.

2. Proper Meals

You need to maintain a nutritious diet for your Bichon which contain proteins and fats mainly and less carbs as dog’s stomach are not designed to digest carbs properly. Also take care that you do not feed any food to your Bichon towards which it shows even the slightest sensitivity.

3. Regular Brushing

If you love the soft coat on your Bichon and want to maintain it the way it is then comb regularly through it. This will avoid any problem like matted hair, shedding and even parasites.

4. Avoiding Allergies

Allergies are the major reason of hair shedding in dogs so if you keep an eye on your Bichons sensitivities and allergies you can surely avoid any excessive hair loss.

5. Grooming

Now most owners think that do Bichon Frise dogs shed a lot that they need grooming. Then the answer is that they do not shed a lot but if you want to maintain a proper soft fur then it is recommended to visit professional groomer after every few months. But grooming can be costly so you can save some trips by brushing its fur regularly. In this way you can increase the duration between the grooming trips.

6. Consulting Vet

If any of the above suggestions do not prove useful then you should consult your vet immediately and ask for professional advice.

how much do bichon frise shed


We have answered the most asked query that do Bichon Frise shed in the best possible way elaborating the fact that they do shed but very lightly. This light shedding is one of the pro for which Bichon Frise is adopted by many owners who might face allergic reaction from other dog breeds.

But if this shedding is excessive and getting out of control then you need to take few measures that can not only improve the health of your Bichon but also control shedding if it is excessive in nature. All these measures are mentioned above and you can follow them easily without any problems.


Why are Bichon Frise hypoallergenic?

Allergens are usually produced when small particles of skin often called dander are produced as a result of excessive shedding. Since Bichon Frise do not shed a lot they are less likely to produce allergens and are thus termed as hypoallergenic as compared to many other pet dog breeds. Therefore, they are a suitable choice for people who easily get allergies.

Why is my Bichon losing hair around neck area?

As we all know that Bichons do not shed excessively. But if your Bichon is shedding excessively causing you to worry that does Bichon Frise puppies shed a lot and more shedding is taking place in the neck area then it is a strong indicator of fleas or any other parasitic infestation. You need to take your Bichon to a professional as soon as possible so that your Bichon can be relieved from this discomfort.

How to avoid matted hair issue in my Bichon?

Bichons do not shed a lot so it is very unlikely to get matted hair. But if you are facing this issue in your Bichon Frise, then all you need to do is regular combing in the fur of your Bichon. This will ensure that any shedded hair is removed from the fur and is not causing entangling and collection of debris or dust. If matting gets out of hand and it is painful for you to take care of it at home, then take your Bichon to a professional groomer.

How often do Bichon Frise shed hair?

Bichons share rarely so if you are not combing the fur coat at home then you need to take it for a visit to groomer after every 4 to 6 weeks. But grooming trips can be very expensive. If you want to save on this grooming trips then you can just gently comb the fur coat every day and these grooming trips can be delayed for quite a long time.

How much do Bichon Frise shed?

Most of Bichon lovers do not realize that is Bichon Frise shed dog or not? Yes Bichons also shed but they do so in a very small number that it is sometimes undetectable by most people.

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