8 Reasons Why Do Bichon Frise Lick So Much?

All dogs lick their paws and it is very adorable to observe this, but if this behavior becomes frequent and excessive then it is more of a behavioral problem and needs to be treated as soon as possible. Before treating a problem you need to understand the reason behind it. Therefore, you need to know that why do Bichon Frise lick so much. As far as licking is concerned, Bichon licking habit can be due to allergy, affection, feeling of boredom, anxiety, grabbing attention, and obsessive behavior. These are the reasons that have been observed in most Bichons, but other this kind of behavior can be observed for other reasons also. The reasons and the solutions will be discussed below:

Why Do Bichon Frise Lick So Much?

Animals are not able to speak for themselves by using words, but it does not mean that they are unable to communicate. Rather they communicate entirely through their actions and in order to understand them we need to understand the emotion behind their actions. Licking is also a manner of communication. It can show affection, dominance, anxiety, stress or demand for attention. But the owner should be experienced enough to find the emotion behind this licking. Since it requires experience, first time owners need proper guidance on this aspect. For this purpose the first step is to find out that why do Bichon Frise lick so much. Some of the most common reasons have been mentioned below:

1. Cleanliness

Dogs as well as cats lick themselves for the sake of cleaning themselves and this is instinctive as this trait is passed on from mother to the pup. Canine mothers often lick their newborns to keep them warm and clean them.

2. Anxiety

When licking becomes excessive it becomes more of a behavioral problem like excessive barking or frequent display of aggressiveness. Therefore, you need to find the reason for this anxiousness and relieve your Bichon from any discomfort or problem it is facing.

3. Before Sleep

It is common to observe a Bichon licking at night. This is more of a bed time routine for them and result in better sleep. Therefore, if they lick themselves before sleep then it is not harmful for them.

how to stop bichon licking

4. Allergens

Bichons often lick their paws and if you notice Bichon licking paws at a single spot constantly then it may be due to allergy. This behavior can be easily detected by Bichon Frise paws turning brown as saliva from mouth of Bichon can lead to a brownish discoloration in the paws. Allergy may result from consuming any food to which your Bichon is allergic from. Moreover, it may arise due to parasites and hook worms. So you need to check your Bichon for allergies in case you find them licking their paws constantly.

5. Attention Seeking

This is a major problem which needs to be treated smartly by redirecting the attention of Bichon or by ignoring them. This is why Bichons are crate trained so that they do not display such acts to grab the attention of the owner.

6. Boredom

Sometimes Bichon Frise licking problem is due to energy pent up and lack of mental stimulation. In easy words we can say that your Bichon is not getting enough physical exercise as well as mental exercise and you need to keep it busy to avoid this kind of boredom.

7. Display of Affection, Trust and Obedience

Some Bichons also lick their owners to show them their affection and to tell them that they are trusted. Often obedience is also displayed by this behavior. So in such a case you do not need to worry about the cure as this licking for showing love is quite normal in world of dogs.

8. Exploring Surrounding

If your Bichon is never licking excessively but displays such excessive behavior in new surroundings them you are forced to think that why do Bichon Frise lick so much. Then in such case you can calm down as this licking behavior is displayed to inspect the surrounding around them.

Bichon Frise Licking Problem Treatment

Once you have fulfilled the initial step of analyzing the reason behind the problem, the next step is to find the solution for that particular reason. Now we will discuss the possible solutions for the above mentioned reasons:

Physical Activity: If your Bichon Frise is displaying excessive licking practice due to anxiety or boredom then their is only one solution i.e., appropriate physical as well as mental stimulation. You can take your Bichon for a walk or play with it or you can simply take it for swimming as it is the best form of physical exercise and has physiological benefits as well. Moreover, you can give your Bichon calming treats and cuddle it to release its stress.

Redirecting Attention: Of your Bichon is putting up a show to grab your attention then you need to either ignore it completely or you may redirect its attention elsewhere so that it forgets about the licking.

Visit a Vet: If despite all your efforts you are unable to find the reason for this behavior and are not able to solve the problem then your last resort should be to visit a professional vet who is trained in curing dogs and other animals.

bichon frise licking problem treatment


Any work that is done excessively is bad. Similarly, licking excessively is also considered problematic and it also needs a proper treatment and cure like any other behavioral or physical illness. Therefore, it is very crucial to keep an eye on your pet as it can help you detect any anomalous behavior in them before the behavior turns into an actual problem.


Is licking harmful for my Bichon Frise?

Yes licking can be harmful if it exceeds a certain level because it can lead to infections, diseases by ingesting germs. Moreover, internal parasites like hook worms can also enter the body through licking. So yes it can be harmful.

How often should I bathe my Bichon Frise puppy?

You should bath your Bichon Frise almost every week so that it stays hygienic and does not have to lick itself constantly just to clean itself. The gaps between two baths should never be more than 3 weeks, otherwise your b
Bichon may become ill.

How to stop Bichon licking?

You can increase the physical and mental stimulation, redirect the attention, or visit a vet for professional consultation.

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