What Human Food Can Bichon Frise Eat? [Answered 2024]

Bichon Frise are way too energetic and entertaining but in order to maintain Bichon Frise well-being it is crucial to provide them with essential nutrients which will keep them active through out the day. Although processed food is good enough and can provide all the essential food nutrients, but still any Bichon owner may wonder that what human food can Bichon Frise eat which is good enough to provide it energy and essential nutrients as well. So let’s discuss some astonishing details about consumable human food for Bichon Frise.

What Human Food Can Bichon Frise Eat?

Eating human foods can avoid your Bichon Frise from getting any processed additives into their bodies, therefore it is best to provide your Bichon Frise with some sort of human food if you are not willing to switch them to a complete human diet. But before you use any human food you need to know if any food is toxic and should be avoided. Moreover, as a Bichon owner you also need to ensure that the human food to be given is not bad for any underlying heath condition. In order to east the process of food selection we have provided a comprehensive guide for all Bichon pooch lovers.

Fact 1: Meat Protein Bichon Frise Sources

Protein is considered the most important nutrient which ensures the proper growth and development of your lovely Bichon Frise. But it is very complicated to decide that what protein source to give and in which form it is more effective i.e., should it be raw or cooked. We will discuss each source one by one.

Turkey & Chicken:

These are the most easily available meats that are available in all homes. Bird meat can contain several bacteria in them therefore the recommended way to give them to Bichon Frise is in cooked form and after removing all sort of bones to avoid splinter accidents.


Beef is the most uncontroversial form of meat which can be used even in raw form. Besides all kinds of beef meat can be given but the lean meat obtained by cows that are fed grass is the most high proteins therefore it is better to use it.

Sea Food:

In sea food shrimp and shell fish can be consumed easily, but you should make sure that it properly deveined and cleaned. Moreover, it is likely that they cause Bichon Frise allergies so you should start with small amounts and check for any adverse reactions.

Tuna on the other hand is extremely prohibited as it contains small amounts of mercury which can prove to be extremely toxic for your Bichon. So it should be avoided in all cases. Although if you want to feed your Bichon Frise fish then you can always feed them salmon.


Pork can be given to Bichons but never in raw form as it is known to contain bacteria in it.

Processes Meats:

Processed meats like hams, bacon or sausages are not to be fed to Bichon Frise. These contain high contents of fat and salt which can disturb the pancreatic functioning resulting in illnesses like pancreatitis.


  • Protein Rich
  • Highly Nutritious
  • Easily Available In All Seasons


  • Preparation Can Be Lengthy
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Fact 2: Vegetables a Nutrient Rich Food

As mentioned above vegetables can be a nutrient rich food with carbs, iron and other nutrients and vitamins. Majority of vegetables are safe to use and do not have to do a lot effort in preparing them like you do in meats, all you have to do is wash them and cut in small sized chunks. Lets delve into the world of Bichon Frise vegetables to be consumed.


The best vegetable to be fed to Bichon Frise is carrot as it can be fed even in large amount. Moreover, it has beta carotenes in it which is really helpful in the growth of dogs. Besides, it is neither too hard nor too soft and eating it will ensure that Bichon Frise dental health is maintained.


These are low calorie but filling vegetables so you can feed them to over weight Bichon Frise so that they can fill their stomach with out consuming too much high calorie food. Moreover, it is rich in water content so it can prevent your Bichon Frise to stay hydrated.

Bell Pepper:

If you have no idea that what human food can Bichon Frise eat then give them bell peppers without any hesitation. Bell peppers are the food that your Bichon Frise can experiment with. For instance, you can change the color of bell pepper to provide them with a new variety every now and then. You can give them in cooked form if they have a weak stomach and give them in raw form as well if they like to eat crunchy food. All you have to do is wash and remove the seeds form the bell pepper and let your Bichon enjoy while having their food.


Another high water content food which is filling as well as low calorie is lettuce.


It is a calorie rich Bichon Frise food but it is very helpful in treating stomach conditions like diarrhea. But you have to give it without frying or adding spices.


It is also a good option as it is also low calorie.

Which Vegetables To Be Avoided In Bichon Frise?

Spinach, tomatoes, potatoes, onions are toxic for your Bichon Frise. You can give them pipe tomatoes without green part, potatoes can be given when cooked as toxin amount is reduced but still it is better to find alternative vegies.


  • Easy Preparation
  • Provide Hydration
  • Fun Food
  • Less Sugar Content


  • Precautions Should Be Taken In Servings

Fact 3: Fruits Are A Good Option For Snacking

Fruits are a good option when it comes to snacking. But it should be avoided in proper meals as they contain high sugar contents which can be harmful for your Bichon Frise, therefore you should give foods as snacks. Let’s learn about which fruit to be given and how to give it.


These are good snacks but not recommended for meals.


These are the snacks of adult Bichons but should be given after removing the central core and seeds.

Exotic Fruits:

Exotic Fruits like papayas and pineapples can be given in reasonable amount after peeling and removing the pits. Seeds of papaya should be removed as they are rich on cyanide which is a toxin.


Strawberries, blueberries and raspberries can be given in small amounts as they are rich in sugar named as xylitol which can be harmful if ingested in large quantities.


These are also good in small amount after removal of pit.

Precautions To Be Taken While Giving Fruits To Bichon Frise:

Following precautions should be taken when feeding Bichon Frise fruits:

  1. Remove seeds if any
  2. Remove the pit
  3. Always peel the fruit
  4. Give in moderation as they contain high sugar content
  5. Do not use canned fruits


  • Rich In Water Content
  • Best Snacks
  • Varieties Available


  • Rich in Sugars
  • Requires Preparations

Fact 4: Whole Grain Food A Good Decision

Whole grains like corn, brown rice, barley and quinoa are a filling and fibre-rich meal which will help maintain good intestinal activity in your Bichon Frise. So they should be added in the meals from time to time. But certain precautions should be taken. For instant if your Bichon has kidney issue then avoid brown rice as it contains phosphorous which will disturb kidney functioning. If your Bichon has gastrointestinal issue then it will digest white rice more easily then the brown rice.


  • Filling
  • Not Harmful At All
  • Rich In Fibers
  • More Nutrition
  • Less Sugar Content


  • Precautions Should Be Taken According to Medical Condition
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Fact 5: Can Eggs Be Given To Bichon Frise

Yes eggs can be the best food for your Bichon Frise. It is even recommended to give the shell in powdered form as it is rich in calcium. Raw egg is recommended. It is a complete package. You can feed it to your Bichon Frise if you are unable to realize that what human food can Bichon Frise eat.

Fact 6: Breads & Toasts

Bread and toast are safe choice but they are filling and less nutritious so small portions should be given.

Fact 7: Processed Human Food A Good Or Bad Decision

This is the biggest query of Bichon owners all round the globe when they are deciding that what human food can Bichon Frise eat. We will discuss each processed food one by one for clarity.

Pasta and Pizza:

These are not to be fed to Bichon Frise as they can be fat rich as well as contains seasoning and spices which are very harmful for Bichon Frise.

Peanut Butter:

It can be given in small portions from time to time only if the brand does not contains xylitol in it.

Ice Cream & Chocolate:

These again are a big no. Chocolate is loved by human but it is deadly for Bichons. As far as ice cream is considered it contains milk and dogs become intolerant to milk as they become adults.


Cereals if plain and contain oats then they can be given but if flavored or sweetened then they should be avoided.

Canned Food:

It is a big NO be it fish or fruits, canned foods should not be given to Bichon Frise.

Fact 8: Lentils A Rich Protein Source

Lentils are often ignored food class but it is rich protein source and dogs love a small portion of legumes in their meals.

Fact 9: Water Content To Be Maintained

Water content of any living being ensures its proper functioning. So always provide your Bichon Frise with adequate water supply. Take precautions while feeding green vegies as they contain high water content which can some times cause diarrheas. If you maintain water content and also know that what human food can Bichon Frise eat you can plan a balanced diet for your dog.

Fact 10: Dairy Products In Moderation

Dairy products like yogurt and cheese is consumable in small amounts but it depends upon your Bichons tolerance. Some pups cannot digest them but others are good to go. So look out for the personal preference of your Bichon. Milk however should never be given.

Fact 11: Balanced Diet Is A Key

A meal rich in all food categories ranging from protein to fibers and a bit of carbs and vitamins is the key to a healthy Bichon Frise. A vet nutritionist can make a diet plan to ease the situation if you are new to it.

Fact 12: Individuality In Food Preferences

But while deciding what human food can Bichon Frise eat, you should always look out for the personal preferences of your Bichon Frise. Also check for any underlying medical condition and plan the diet accordingly.

Other Suggestions

Now that you know that what human food can Bichon Frise eat you should take care of other aspects as well.

  1. Do not add sauce or spices to your Bichon Frise food
  2. Clean the meat as well as vegetables thoroughly
  3. Give small portions for checking initially
  4. Look out for any allergies
  5. Keep in mind any medical illness of your Bichon and choose food accordingly


Planning the meal plan of Bichon Frise can be hectic as well as confusing. You may not realize what to feed them and what to avoid but we have provided a highly comprehensive guide to ease your problem. You will feel relieved if your Bichon is healthy and happy. You will never get confused what human food can Bichon Frise eat after reading this article.


How do I know if my Bichon is allergic to some food?

Look out for certain symptoms like rashes, vomiting and diarrheas. These are common symptoms for allergy

What should I do if my Bichon Frise eats allergic food?

Immediately take Bichon Frise to a vet and get it checked and medicated. Avoid such food afterwards.

How can I know if my Bichon is allergic to some food?

You should take only a small amount of that food and feed it to your dog. Check for any irregular or unusual behavior like itching, vomiting and diarrhea. But the best way is to visit a vet and ask it for consultation regarding meal plan.

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