What Do Bichon Frise Usually Die From? 12 Amazing Facts

What do Bichon Frise usually die from? You might have never thought of this aspect when praising Bichon Frise personality that is certainly a widely adopted breed of puppies. They are loved by kids, teenagers as well as adults owing to their adorable nature. No matter what the reason for your adopting bichon frise is, they prove to be the best companion even for first time owners. Not only do they form a strong bond with their owner, but they also tend to interact well with even strangers.

And obviously you would never want to lose such an incredible pet. Therefore, its high time that we learn all about Bichon Frise behavior to bichon frise health and even the issues which can occur during old age. Therefore, we have provided a detailed answer to this most asked question The answer to this question will help you acquire your goal of keeping your Bichon Frise happy, fit and healthy by recognizing the bichon frise health problems. Moreover, you can take all necessary steps to avoid Bichon Frise illness and disease.

Main Points

Bichons are the most adorable pooch you would find anywhere, but they need proper care and attention.

There are numerous diseases to which they can be vulnerable to. And they can be prevented or managed if they are properly looked after.

In case of any change in behavior and lifestyle of your bichon frise, visit a vet immediately so that any problem can be taken care of.

What Do Bichon Frise Die From?

When it comes to maintenance Bichons are relatively easy to keep. This is why these adorable pups are preferred dog breed for family dogs. But due to their adorable nature and cute behavior most people do not wonder about the health issues of these pups. My own curiosity about this matter lead me to find about the Bichon Frise health issues. And surprisingly I found that these dogs are susceptible to various diseases like human beings.

1) Reproductive Cancer

Abnormal cell division in any region of body is termed as cancer. Although it can form in any region of body yet cancer of reproductive cancers is the most highly reported Bichon Frise cancer type. As far as life expectancy after development of cancerous area depend upon the stage on which this lethal disease is diagnosed. Early diagnosis is better but it is difficult as the symptoms are very difficult to be distinguished from the routine ailments. Therefore the best way is to prevent this disease to much extent.

For this purpose bichon frise neutering or spaying is the best solution as it removes reproductive organs in bichon frise thus eliminating the chancing of acquiring cancer of reproductive organs. Neutering and spaying are the two words used for describing the process in which reproductive organs like ovaries and testis are removed from the body of the puppies. Now you might wonder why two words are being used for the same process. Well, Neutering is used for bichon frise male puppies whereas spaying is used for bichon frise female puppies.


2) Cardiac Diseases

By far the most reported disease is Bichons frise heart disease. Both young as well old bichons are vulnerable to this disease, therefore it is recommended to get a cardiac checkup of Bichon Frise once per year. Moreover, these cardiac diseases are of various kinds caused by infections, genetics or also due to old age. In order to avoid these conditions you need to maintain a healthy bichon frise lifestyle and also get a proper checkup of bichon frise from a vet at least once a year.

These heart illnesses are not of a single kind. Rather any puppy can get a variety of heart issue like, dilated cardiomyopathy, mitral valve weakness, heart defects from the time of birth, or last but not the least Patent Ductus Arteriosis. These common heart illnesses can be observed in Bichon Frise which can prove to be fatal if not treated.

3) Parvovirus

When someone asks that what do Bichon Frise usually die from, Parvovirus is a commonly stated reason. This virus is likely to affect the puppies that are not properly vaccinated. The symptoms of this viral infection includes nausea, fever, diarrhea, and lethargy. This infection does not prove fatal if diagnosed and treated at early stages of disease. Therefore, always take your Bichon Frise to vet as soon as you observe any sign of illness.

4) Diabetes

Diabetes is a very common illness in dogs and it exhibits quite similar symptoms as it does in humans like excessive urination, loss of weight and very high appetite. The puppy is not able to metabolize any sugar present in its diet therefore it has to be injected with insulin to restore the proper sugar metabolism. In this way diabetes is controllable and can be stopped from impacting the health of your puppy by giving proper medications. But this disease can make your Bichon frise weak and vulnerable to other illnesses such as heart disease. In order to prevent this you need to take care of the medication, eating habits and other lifestyle habits of your Bichon Frise.

5) Obesity

Obesity is the root cause of many other problems therefore it is a must to avoid it at all costs. No doubt it will be a difficult task to ignore the cute smile and naughty eyes, but it will be in the best interest of bichon frise to avoid eating a lot of leftovers and treats. Instead of giving food, you can give your time to your bichon frise pup and take it to park and play with it or even cuddle with in your home.

6) Parasites

Parasites are intruding organisms that can cause harm as well as discomfort to your puppy. They can be both internal such as hookworms & heart worms, or external such as fleas, mites and ticks. Now you must wonder that where does these parasites come into contact with your puppy. So, let’s explain you in detail.

They can be ingested with drinking contaminated water from dirty water source or even get into your pup when it plays faeces containing soil. So train your bichon at young age to not put everything in its mouth and stay in crate when you are busy and not able to focus on them. Family members as well as mosquito bites also tend to transmit these bichon frise parasites. The only solution is regular check up of your Bichon.

7) Dental issues

A major illness that can impact he life expectancy of the puppies is dental illness. Although dental issues may seem like a small problem in comparison to the above mentioned issues like heart disease and cancers, yet it is also a reason for decreased life in most puppies. It is a preventable illness but still about eighty percent of puppies acquire any dental illness during their life, which can decrease their life span to about 3 years.

Bichon Frise

In order to avoid such issue you need to know the way in which this matter progresses with the matter of time so that you can identify the problem in time and get your Bichon Frise cure from this issue. So, initially you will observe tartar on the teeth of you pup. Secondly, you will note some swelling of gums which then proceeds to damaging the roots of teeth. Soon the teeth start falling out. If the treatment is not initiated at proper time the issue can become chronic and other organs of your Bichon Frise may get impacted as well.

8) Hemangiosarcoma

One of the bichon frise cause of death is Hemangiosarcoma. In simple language it is often called tumor. In this disease Bichon Frise develops tumor. These tumors are formed internally and do not show symptoms until it is too late. Bichon Frise tumor problem is more common in senior bichon frise. So you should take your pet to vet for bichon frise tests to ensure its health.

9) Cushing Disease

It is a common bichon frise hormonal problem due to release of unbalanced hormone in the blood. It can disturb bichon frise metabolism to great extent.

10) Patella Luxation

Patella is a bone area on the knee joint of bichon frise. In this disease this bone pops out from its original place. In this way bichon frise movement becomes restricted and painful.

11) Genetic Illnesses

Every living being is susceptible to genetic illnesses which are passed from generation to generation. Some goes for bichon frise. Mentioned below are some if such illnesses which can be acquired from genes.

  • Patent Ductus Arteriosis: In this illness the small vessel connecting two parts of heart during young age fails to close as a result of which more blood is pushed to lung putting pressure on the heart.
  • Portosystemic shunt (PSS): This is again a disease caused by improper blood vessel pathway where the vessels supposed to deliver blood to liver take an otherwise route depriving liver of the required blood supply.
  • Cataracts: Cloudiness of lens resulting in poor vision.
  • Glaucoma: Painful eye disease in which eyes water, cornea turns blue and eventually blindness may occur.
  • Distichiasis: Eyelids have extra hair on inner side that rub against the eye and cause an extreme irritation.

12) Hemolytic Anemia

In this disease the immune system dysfunctions and starts killing its own red blood cell which results in anemia. As a result lethargy, weakness, bruising and yellowing of gums is observed.


What do bichons usually die from during young age?

Although Bichons die from many disease in old age, but in young age they can easily die from heart illness. This disease equally affects young bichon frise as well as old bichon frise.

What is Bichon Frise longest age reported?

At present the longest bichon frise age reported is 18 years and 9 months in U.K. While in North America the bichon frise age reaches 21 years.

What is average Bichon Frise Age?

The average bichon frise lifespan is almost 15 to 16 years in most case.

Why do bichon frise whine when ill?

Bichon Frise whining is due to the attention seeking behavior of bichon frise. They crave for attention especially when they are ill.

Can bichon frise be left alone during illness?

No it is not recommended to leave your bichon frise alone during illness because it needs you during such times.

What is poisonous to bichon frise?

Grapes, chocolates and raisins are among some common foods that can be poisonous to your bichon and can cause vomiting, diarrheas and food poisoning.


Bichon Frise is an extremely adorable, loving and attaching pet. This is why losing it can be a very huge loss for its owner. Therefore, it is very important for you to understand the issues that can arise after adopting a Bichon as well as the precautions and solution to the problems. This can help you deal with bichon frise issues in the best possible way.

Moreover, you can also prevent these illnesses by getting your Bichon Frise vaccinated and by regular checkups with the vet. Moreover, you can change bichon frise sleeping habits in a good way to ensure proper rest. Vaccination is a very crucial aspect that can impact the health of your puppy. Therefore, ensure timely vaccination. Besides, you can also take an appointment if you observe any health issue or symptoms like lethargy, vomiting, nausea, excessive urination and high appetite.

As a result of physical illness you may also observe bichon frise behavior problems. So you need to ensure your bichon frise swimming and physical activities are regular to keep it active and fit. Take proper notice of bichon frise foods to avoid according to the problem. In this way you can ensure proper health of your puppy.

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