Are Bichon Frise Good For First Time Owners?

Be it a pet for your child, a partner to you or a cozy fur ball to your partner, first pets tend to be exciting and scary at the same time. You might feel confused about choosing the breed because like every first-time owner you would want to select the best and playful dog. Internet surfing might give you the options but still it is impossible to make decisions. One such option that you will encounter on countless sites is Bichon Frise breed. But you may wonder that are Bichon Frise good for first time owners? So we have answered your confusion in the best possible way so as to ease your decision making process.

From being the most loved dog breed in renaissance to being the main attention of travelling shows and circuses, bichon Frise are extremely adorable and energetic. Bichon Frise is loved by all. In order to clear all you confusions and answer the question that is are Bichon Frise good for first time owners? we have listed best possible reasons which will clear all your doubts.

Are Bichon Frise Good For First Time Owners?

If you are considering buying a Bichon Frise dog breed and are confused that are bichon frise good for first time owners, then you must already have heard about its cuddly nature, intelligence and excellent learning ability. They are known for their attention seeking behavior from their owner. These puffy puppies are highly entertaining and always curious.

For people who still do not know what is a Bichon Frise, Bichon Frise word comes from a French origin meaning curly coats. Therefore, we can say that they are named after their puffy fur coat that makes them extra adorable to anyone who meets them for the first time. These are a typically light weight and small sized puppies that craves human companionship.

Why Choose Bichon Frise?

Although Bichon Frise is seemingly beautiful and a complete cutie. But this reason might not be enough for you to buy this breed. Mentioned below are some of the reasons that will certainly ease your decision-making process and answer the most awaited question that is a Bichon Frise good breed for a first time owner.

1. Little To No Maintenance

In contrast to other dog breeds, Bichon Frise is very easy to keep and maintenance cost is moderate. They are small so they need a very little space of their own. A cozy corner in the room is more than enough, although they would love to cuddle with their owner. And when it comes to grooming it is even simpler. A good brush out every week is the only grooming task that can keep your puppy appear clean and cute.

2. Space Friendly Pup

The major problem faced by dog owners is the lack of space in their homes and compartments. Overly active breeds exaggerate this problem to a large extent. Owing to their small size, light weight and less physical activity, Bichon Frise owners do not face this problem. This breed does not require a lot of room and are apartment friendly in nature. So if you are confused about the fact that are Bichon Frise good for first time owners, then do not be confused. Bichons certainly are most adorable puppies in the market.

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3. Limited Physical Activity

When we talk about physical activity, 20 minutes per day is requisite to keep them healthy and active. On the contrary, other dogs require a much longer duration which is not suitable for certain owners owing to their busy schedule.

4. Good Life Expectancy

Owners tend to develop very close attachment with their pets and they become devastated if they lose them. But Bichon Frise is a long companion pet with a life expectance of 15+ years. So if you are looking for a long companionship then this breed is the best option.

5. Hypoallergenic

A large population do not keep pets as they are allergic to even minor allergens present in the pets. But Bichon Frise is hypoallergenic in nature, which means you are less likely to exhibit allergic reactions when these cute puppies come in contact.

6. Smart Breed

Is Bichon Frise considered smart. Well in comparison to other breeds, they are considered partly smart. By partly smart we mean that they can be extremely intelligent in some aspects like their willingness to get trained and learn new tricks. They are also considered one of the most obedient breeds of dog. Moreover, they are natural swimmers and can surprise you with their entertaining skills.

How To Choose the Right Puppy?

In order to choose the right puppy, you need to find the best adoption service or best breeding service. Such organizations are very well aware about proper health practices, screening and breeding. One way to find such organizations is to find other Bichon Frise owners. They can guide you well about tips and tricks of adopting and raising Bichon Frise. Another tip is to meet the puppy of your choice, you can observe the dog and its temperament.


Points To Remember As First Time Owner:

Now that we have answered the most confusing question that is a Bichon Frise good breed for a first time owner

  • Although this breed is easy to handle and cute yet some things should be kept in mind. Comb through fur at least once every week to avoid matting due to accumulation of shedded fur. You must groom them after every 6 weeks so that they can maintain their beautiful fur coat.
  • Most people wonder do Bichon Frise shed or not. As far as shedding is concerned, every dog breed sheds to some extent. But if we talk about Bichon Frise, they are low shedding puppies. Sometimes they are even termed as no shedding breeds.
  • These cutie pies are prone to get health issues like heart defects and skin conditions. Most of time bichons become vulnerable to such illnesses in old age. Regular checkups by veterinary doctors can help your puppy stay healthy, happy and friendly. But if left untreated these conditions can be fatal and lead to the death of your beloved Bichon.
  • Bichon Frise puppies crave more attention than any other dog breed. So, they may demand constant attention from their owners. Although, you might get frustrated sometimes but do not scold them as they may retreat consequently.
  • One common issue faced by every Bichon Frise dog owner is that Bichons tend to go out of house for housebreaking. In certain cases they may not return home this is why there are so many Bichons in shelters.


After keeping in view all the above-mentioned facts, we can surely answer the concerned question that are Bichon Frise good for first time owners? Rather we can say that Bichons are one of the best choices for any first-time owner. They are not only cute and lovely, but they are extremely loyal to their owner. They are extremely smart and can be trained if you adopt the right approach.

Moreover, they are small, require less maintenance, and are apartment friendly in nature. If you are feeling down, they will cheer you with their inherent charm and enthusiasm. And you will never have to worry about their growing up and needing more space, as an Bichon Frise adult remain small even with increasing age. Collectively, you can adopt this dog if you are looking for the best companion who would keep you cheered even in worst times of your life.


Are Bichon Frise good with cats?

Yes bichon frise are very friendly with other pets. So if you have a pet at home and are thinking about adopting a bichon frise then do not become confused and bring the furry bichon frise home immediately as this will bring happiness to your house.

How much does a bichon frise cost?

Bichon frise cost depends upon the breeder as well as the breed to be adopted. The average price is around 1200 to 2000 dollars.

Are bichon frise aggressive?

No bichon frise personality is very cheerful and it does not shows aggressiveness. But if they do show aggressiveness then it is certainly due to any underlying behavioral issue.

How long can bichon frise be left alone?

Bichon frise are companionship breeds. They love having company all the time. Although they can be left alone, but after sometimes they will start to feel separation anxiety. Therefore, you cannot leave more than a few hours. bichon frise alone

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