What Bichon Frise Foods To Avoid? Detailed Guide

Dogs are quite similar to human beings in some aspects. For instance they require a great care when it comes to food and nutrition. Researches indicate that Bichons are better off on human food than processed dog diet. But not all food is suitable for them.

Some Bichon Frise foods to avoid is a must as they may prove to be toxic for this playful dog breed under consideration. Therefore, it is crucial especially for new pet keepers to have a good knowledge about what food to be given and what to avoid. This will ensure the safety and health of the Bichons over the long run. So let’s delve into the details of this topic so that we can learn more about it.

What Human Food Can Bichon Frise Eat

Although dogs can feed processed diet, but in order to preserve the health of your Bichon you need to avoid certain cancer causing chemicals like propylene glycol, BHA & BHT which are present in majority of dog foods. Therefore, avoiding processed food to some extent and sticking with natural diet can be pretty helpful in avoiding fatal diseases like cancer.

When choosing the human food to opt for your Bichon, the foremost food choice should be meat. Yes meat can serve as a good protein source in your Bichons. Beef especially can be very helpful. Moreover, fish like salmon is also a good choice as it is enriched with omega 3 which is best for treating skin conditions. And as we all are aware, Bichons tend to develop a lot of skin allergies during the course of their lives. But in certain cases Bichons are not a big fan of meats like beef, then in such cases yogurt and eggs can serve as the best replacement of meat in the diet of your picky Bichon.

what human food can bichon frise eat

Apart from meat you can feed fruits and vegetables to your Bichons. This can serve as a good and healthy source of sugar for your Bichon. As far as quantity is considered, about 25 percent of Bichon’s diet should constitute upon fruits and vegetables. But a detailed research should be done beforehand so as to avoid any problem like toxicity response.

Once you have incorporated two significant food nutrients in the diet of your Bichon, the third one left is fat. Fat source needs to be healthy one. By healthy we mean the source which can be metabolized in the system instead of getting deposited in the form of bad fat onto the body of your Bichon or ends up getting dispersed in blood vessels causing clots. In this way you can easily select homemade food for Bichon Frise. Besides, you need to make a complete routine to inculcate physical activity in the routine of your Bichon. Swimming serves as a complete physical activity if you do not have a lot of time to spare for physical activity.

Dry Food For Bichon Frise

Some owners prefer feeding dry food to their pets as they consider this food good in dietary aspect and it is also easy to feed. Moreover, it does not contains any toxic nutrient so you do not need to review each and every ingredient time and again. As dry foods are a complete diet in themselves, therefore you can feed it to your Bichon without worrying about nutrient deficiency. A number of dog foods are available in market. You can always choose the one that suits the health and taste of your Bichon.

Bichon Frise Foods To Avoid

We have already listed all the foods that can be consumed by your Bichon. But it is good to be thorough and also mention the Bichon Frise foods to avoid. Let us discuss the food classes in the same order as we have discussed before, starting with meat.

When it comes to meats chicken and beef are fine, but pork should be given only if it is completely cooked in order to avoid parasite infestation. Moreover, hams and sausages should not be consumed by Bichons as they are rich in salt as well as fats. Salt rich food leads to extreme water consumption, that can increase the stomach volume and compress other organs causing death.

how much should a bichon frise eat

Apart from this grapes and onions are toxic for Bichons. Unripen green part of tomato, spinach, uncooked potatoes are also a big no for Bichons. It is advised to initially give a small tester portion of any new food to test for allergies or unwanted reactions. This can help you to detect any Bichon Frise foods to avoid.


Not every food suits every Bichon. Therefore, there is a crucial need to train you Bichon to eat whatever you feed it, instead of consuming from other sources around them. This will avoid them from getting ill. Moreover, this will allow you to keep a track about their eating habits, which can help you manage their food and nutrients in a much better way.

If you dog does not responds well to food and barks a lot when you feed them then this is an indication of behavioral problem which can be treated by adopting right approach over the course of time. Therefore, we have created ease by mentioning Bichon Frise food & what foods are toxic to Bichon Frise so that you can learn a lot without having to experiment yourself.


How much should a Bichon Frise eat?

Being small dogs with less physical activity, Bichon Frise do not need a lot of food. Despite, it is better to feed then nutrient dense diets. Moreover, owners are advised to avoid over feeding them as this can harm the small pups. One half to full cup of processed dog food should be given in one or two serving each day.

Can Bichon Frise eat eggs?

There is a reasonably long list for Bichon Frise foods to avoid and one such very big misconception about feeding eggs to Bichon Frise is that it can be harmful for them. But on the contrary eggs as well as shells of these eggs are completely safe to feed to your Bichon Frise. Some people contradict this by telling that egg whites seems to interfere with the digestion process but this is only true if you feed your Bichon with a lot of egg whites. Therefore, you can always feed eggs to your Bichon.

Can Bichon Frise eat bananas?

Bananas are not at all harmful to your Bichon. But you just need to feed them bananas in a certain limits as it is very rich in sugar and can lead to many problems.

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