Are Bichon Frise Aggressive? [Answered 2024]

When it comes to selecting a suitable companion for your family then many facts are taken into consideration. But out of all factors temperament plays the most significant role as it decides the relationship between you and the pet. No matter you are a couple or a family with beautiful kids, the key demand of owners is friendly dog with loving nature and calm temper.

Bichons fit on most traits, except that some times they are termed as aggressive. This makes the pet lovers wonder that are Bichon Frise aggressive or not. In simple words, Bichons are not absolutely calm, but they are not aggressive. And if they are behaving aggressively then their is certainly a behavioral problem that needs to be addressed. Now let us learn more about this question in detail.

Bichon Frise – A Package Of Entertainment

Many questions come into the mind of any pet lover who is planning on adopting a Bichon Frise. For instance they might think are Bichon Frise dogs aggressive, or are Bichon Frise dangerous. Certainly if these questions come to your mind then you do not have a complete knowledge about the temperament of this cute breed of dogs.

Friendly Nature

Bichons crave companionship, be it from other animals or from humans. They are a breed that has always been loved and praised for their cuteness so they want a 24/7 attention. And this factors make them friendly towards both humans and other animals. And they would never display aggressiveness until they are made to feel insecure. Therefore, one of the most frequently asked question has been answered that are Bichon Frise aggressive to other dogs. Sometimes they may also bark a lot in order to grab attention from owner or other people around them.

are bichon frise aggressive towards humans

Full Of Energy

When it comes to being energetic, Bichons are worth mentioning. They can play for hours. The owner may get tired but Bichons will never feel exhausted from playing with the people they love. And this characteristic of Bichon Frise can be used as a very significant approach for calming them down. They can be exhausted by playing with them and this will release all the pent up energy in them and calm down without scolding. Besides, this approach can be used to solve many Bichon Frise behavior problems.

Easy To Train

Bichons are easy to train and intelligent. They are very efficient and quick learners. All the trainings ranging from crate training to bite training are quick with Bichons as they are very smart and quick to follow instructions given by their owner. Only housebreaking can be bit of a problem in Bichons and this is also considered as a disadvantages when adopting a Bichon.

Are Bichon Frise Aggressive – The Idea Of Aggressiveness

While Bichon Frise is a very friendly breed of dog, it craves love and attention. And when it fails to get any one of these it becomes insecure. Therefore, if you are planning on adopting a Bichon Frise you need to follow some guidelines to ensure that it never feels insecure.

Ensuring Proper Exposure

Bichons tend to feel scared whenever they face a new person, animal or place. So if you want to eradicate this fear you need to ensure proper exposure. You need to take your Bichon to parks and pet clubs where it can interact with other humans as well as animals. In this way you can normalize this fear and allow your Bichon Frise to become much more welcoming in its nature. And after following this step you will never have to ask yourself that are Bichon Frise aggressive in nature or not.

are bichon frise dogs aggressive

Fear of Abandonment

Bichons become irritable and insecure if they are lonely. This is the fear of abandonment. This might be considered as aggressiveness where as it is only a display of terror. The best possible way to avoid is to crate train your Bichon. Put in it its crate whenever you are unavailable and make it normalize being alone or unattended for some time. This will reduce its fear of loneliness. Start this training with 5 minutes and then elongate the time interval to even hours. In thus way you will also be able to do all your chores without constantly worrying about your Bichon being insecure.


In a nutshell Bichon Frise is not an aggressive breed rather its nature tends more toward friendliness, love and affection. It can become the best choice for your family with proper steps like training, socialization, exposure and by ensuring a nurturing environment.

You do not have to think that are Bichon Frise aggressive. You just need to remember that like every individual human requires special care similarly every Bichon is requires proper care and training. So if you want to make Bichon Frise the best pet for your family then you need to take care of its needs.


Why does my Bichon growl at me?

Growling can be considered as a canine language. It is usually considered as a sign of fear and feeling of being uncomfortable. So if your Bichon is growling at you then certainly it needs some space or is fearful of someone or something in its surrounding.

Are Bichon Frise aggressive towards humans?

Bichon Frise are not aggressive. They can be considered as hyperactive, but they are not really aggressive until they are provoked by some incident, fear or insecurity. So, if you ever feel confused that why is my Bichon so aggressive then think about it thoroughly and try to find the exact reason behind it. It is possible that your Bichon is also feeling confused, or fearful or irritated. Find the issue and try to resolve it. This will surely help your Bichon feel more safe and secure and also help them calm down.

What are the signs that display aggressiveness in Bichon Frise?

Can Bichon Frise be aggressive? No certainly not. But they can exhibit signs that can be often perceived as aggressiveness by pet lovers if they are not experienced to great extent. Some signs that can confuse Bichon owners are growling, barking a lot, glaring and becoming territorial. Although these can be considered as signs of aggressiveness in other dog breeds, but in Bichon Frise these signs arise as a result of insecurity or fear of being left alone or unattended.

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