Bichon Frise Sleeping Habits – Best Explanation [2024]

Bichons are already famous for their fluffy cute appearance, but what make them more famous is their sleeping habit which can surprise experienced dog owners. Their sleeping habits are so different from any other breed that if you have not studied about hem then you will be shocked and worried at the same time. Be it first time owner or an experienced personnel you will be left amazed by Bichon Frise sleeping habits. The surprise lies in the variable length of their sleeping time and the long hours of sleep required per day. So let us learn some more about this surprise filled aspect of Bichons.

Bichon Frise Sleeping Habits – Detail

Bichon Frise sleeping habits tend to vary from Bichon to Bichon and it worries a lot of new owners as they struggle with accepting the fact that such long sleeping hours of their Bichons are normal. So the need of hour is to provide a complete guideline so that they do not have to worry about anything. Therefore we will discuss sleeping habits in every age of Bichon.

1. Bichon Frise Sleeping Habits In New Born

Just like any living being the babies are always asleep or feeding during most of the day. Similarly Bichons also tend to spend almost 90 percent of their day in the same way. But this sleep time is not constant. It is divided into many naps broken down by their feeding time. The new born phase of these dogs can last up to two weeks of their life as they can live about 15 years maximum.

how long do bichon frise sleep

2. Sleeping Habits Of A Younger And Adult Bichon

As the Bichon Frise grows to young Bichon it nap during increases although its sleeping time decreases. For instance now it will sleep for 16 to 18 hours every day and this will be continuous or in two to three naps instead of taking 5 to 6 naps every day for about 90 percent of the day. In this way Bichon Frise sleeping habits vary with age.

How Can I Make My Bichon Takes Proper Sleep

After knowing about the long sleeping hours of Bichons you might now understand that why does my Bichon sleep so much. But now the next step is to ensure that your Bichon Frise gets the proper sleep during the day and night. For this purpose you need to make is exhausted by mental stimulation as well as physical exercise. This will always help your dog sleep better and this will also calm them down once they wake up from their nap time. Isn’t it amazing?

Effect Of Sleep Deprivation On Bichon Frise

As we have already mentioned that Bichon Frise sleep time is very long, we have to accept the fact that this is how their bodies work. Their physiology needs them to sleep for such long hours, and if they do not sleep for their normal sleeping hours then they might face serious behavioral problems. For instance Bichon Frise sleeping habits anxiety is one of such problems that can cause excessive barking. Not only this but this can lead to serious problems in later life which can prove to fatal for your Bichon Frise.

why does my bichon sleep so much


This article is a whole load of information in whole which can help you understand the lifestyle and the behavior of your Bichons in the best possible way. Moreover, we all know that sleep of any living being ensures the health and well being and if your Bichon is not able to sleep well then it can lead to behavioral as well as other physical problems. Apart from this, it will deteriorate their health leading problems in a longer run.

This can also decrease the life span of your Bichon. This can also be considered as the disadvantage while adopting a Bichon and many pet lovers may not adopt Bichon Frise due to Bichon Frise sleeping habits at night. So you have to be careful of the sleeping habits of your pet and ensure that it always gets the proper sleep no matter how much effort you have to put in it.


How long do Bichon Frise sleep?

Bichons have a variable sleeping time depending upon their age as well as the physical activity For instance some puppies are very high energy and the want you to sleep for most time to replenish the used energy that ye consume through out the course of the day whereas any other Bichon may not sleep that much on the contrary because it did not spent a lot of energy during the day.

How many hours a day does a Bichon sleep?

Now some of you may wonder that do Bichon Frise puppies sleep a lot. Yes certainly Bichons sleep a lot in comparison to other dog breeds and sleeping hours of Bichons depend upon their physical activity, physiology as well as some other factors like the lifestyle of their owners. They can sleep from 16 hours to 20 hours every day. Sometimes they also adopt the sleeping habits of their owner which is quite unique as it is never observed in the sleeping habits of any other dog breed.

Are the sleeping habits of female Bichon Frise sleeping habits similar to male Bichon Frise sleeping habits?

The behavior of the Bichon Frise may vary in both the genders, for instance according to some reviews from the Bichon Frise owners the female Bichons some time appear to be more reserved in comparison to male Bichon Frise who are more energetic as well as active. But when it comes to general lifestyle and habits then they are quite similar as they depend upon the body and the physiology of the Bichon. Therefore, we can say that female Bichon Frise sleeping habits are very similar to male Bichon Frise sleeping habits.

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