6 Reasons Why Do Bichon Frise Bark A Lot & Best Solutions

Selecting a pet is no less than opting for a family member, therefore a number of aspects need to be considered when selecting one. One important question that most first time owners wonder is that do Bichon Frise bark a lot and if they do so then what is the reason behind it. Just to relieve your worries, Bichons are a relatively quiet breed which do not barks without a reason. So if your Bichon is in fact barking a lot, then there is certainly an underlying reason to it. And this is what we will be discussing today.

When And Why Do Bichon Frise Bark A lot

Bichons are loyal friendly and cute breed which have a generally quiet temperament. New owners often ask that do Bichon Frise bark a lot. Usually they don’t. But if they do bark a lot then this can be considered as a Bichon Frise behavior problem and can be solved by finding the root cause of the problem. Let’s get into the detail of this concept and learn about the question that why do Bichon Frise bark so much.

1. Separation Anxiety

When the topic under discussion is about the aspect that do Bichon Frise puppies bark a lot, then separation anxiety comes as the first and foremost explanation. Bichons are known for their cheerful nature and loyal behavior, but a fact to be mentioned is their extreme love for attention. Bichons always crave extra attention and warm cuddles. But this is not possible all the time.

As the owners can be busy for a while and do not want to cuddle just yet, in such cases Bichons seem to be aggressive and demand the attention of their owner by barking constantly. In this way we can say that barking of Bichon can be an exact determinant of its anxiety. But this behavior can be made up as Bichons are known for craving extra attention.

2. Meeting a Stranger

Strangers are a no for Bichons. You will think that do Bichon Frise bark a lot. Yes! they loose their cool once they meet any stranger. They will bark like crazy and continue to do so until you pay attention to them. This can be pretty big problem if not treated as it will not only alarm your Bichon but also create a pretty distressful situation for you every time you introduce your Bichon to a stranger. Therefore, teaching your Bichon to behave around new people is a must and it is an essential part of its socialization and training.

3. Feeling Threatened

Another reason that why do Bichon Frise bark a lot is their instinct of feeling threatened. This feeling of being threatened comes in dog when they feel any outside intrusion. Moreover, they can also feel the same way when their food is being taken. Besides, those Bichons who are rescued from abusive owners or distressing situations also tend to bark a lot as they feel threatened from even normal situations.

4. Living In a New Place

Pets get attached to not only people but places. And once they establish a connection, they do not want to change it. Consequently if the owner changes their place or crate Bichon Frise will notice it right away. But do Bichon Frise bark a lot during such situations. Yes certainly they start barking non-stop until their owners make them feel comfortable in their new place. Once they get to know the new place they will automatically calm down.

how to stop bichon frise barking

5. Health Issue

Dogs often express their discomfort through barking. This is why Bichons may bark a lot whenever they are ill. Besides, painful sensations may also trigger their barking. Therefore you might as well see them barking a lot when they have issues like arthritis and hip dysplasia. You need to treat their pain in order to make them quiet in such situations.

6. Stress

A barking Bichon is very disturbing for the owner as well. And in most cases either the owner scolds the pet or they cuddle it to calm it down. But this is not as simple as it might seem, training a pet is a science in itself. So a point to be kept in mind is that you do not scold your Bichon abruptly, as it will quiet it down for some seconds but the barking will continue again and this time it will last for quite a lot of time as the dog will stop listening to the scolding at all.

Best Solutions To Treat Barking Patter

Barking is a normal aspect of a dog’s life but if it starts to become excessive it becomes an indication of a problem. We have clearly discusses all the possible reasons that can trigger this abnormal behavior of excessive barking. Now we can discuss the methods which can be used to eliminate the root cause of the problem and answer the most asked query that how to stop Bichon Frise barking. Bichon Frise barking sounds Bichon Frise barking sounds

1. Training

Training is a crucial aspect in bringing up a pet. It might seem unnecessary to certain people but in fact a good training can allow you to enjoy the company of your pet in peace and satisfaction. So you should train your dog in best way. Young puppies are full of excessive energy so you need to release the pent up energy. Swimming is the best physical exercise in this relation.

2. Positive Reinforcement

As mentioned above, excessive scolding and cuddling will do no good to your Bichon. You need to be firm but gentle with your Bichon and train it with patience. Right approach is the most important need during training process. So try to adopt the suitable approach.

why do bichon frise bark so much at night

3. Crate Training For Separation Anxiety

One clear problem with Bichon Frise is their excessive need of attention. For this purpose crate training is a must. This training allows the owners to train their Bichons that they need to stay in their crates as long as their owner is busy. In short we can say that it is an exercise to promote patience in your dog. 1.


Bichons are adorable breed of dogs that are not only small but friendly. But it is very important to train them to behave. In this way you can enjoy their company in peace. Besides, training dogs requires patience as well as experience. So you need to be patience and learn from every failure. In this way after a few failed approaches you will learn to adopt a reliable approach to deal with such situations.


Why does the Bichon Frise barking sounds different sometimes?

Barking sound of Bichons can sound a bit hoarse when they have a throat infection, gastro-esophageal reflux, tumors or laryngeal paralysis. So get your Bichon checked by a vet if you witness such symptoms.

Why do Bichon Frise bark so much at night?

There can be numerous reasons behind this behavior which includes fear, desire to go to bathroom, probable intrusion etc.

How to stop Bichon Frise barking at strangers?

This can be achieved only by training. First hold a treat in front of your Bichon and tell it to quiet. Once it quiets down wait for a few seconds. If it does not barks for quite a few seconds then give it a treat. In this way you can train it to follow your command even in front of strangers.

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