How To Calm Down A Bichon Frise – 7 Best Tips

Bichons are known for entertaining nature. They tend to live joyfully but sometimes they also face certain periods of anxiety. This anxiety mostly arises due to separation form their owners and is therefore known as separation anxiety. But most of the owners do not know that how to calm down a Bichon Frise, because usually they are a happy breed that keeps their owners entertained.

Therefore, in order to ease this difficulty of relaxing the Bichon Frise during its anxiety episode, we have discussed the significant tips that might help the owners in a long run. Let’s learn about this topic in detail.

How To Calm Down A Bichon Frise

Calming down a bichon during its anxiety episode is quite a difficult task. But if you follow some tips and tricks then you can achieve this goal in a matter of time. Such tips and tricks are mentioned below:

1) Speak Calmy

If you want to learn that how to calm down a Bichon Frise then the first and foremost tip is to calm yourself down. If you also freak out along with your Bichon Frise, then it will further complicate the situation. Therefore, maintain your composure and do not shout on your Bichon with a loud voice level.

2) Give Treat To Your Bichon

The second tip in the process of calming down a Bichon Frise is to tell your bichon to calm down in a peaceful way. If the Bichon really calms down, give it a treat. In this way it will develop a connection between obeying the order for calming down and having a delicious treat. As a result it will always calm down whenever you ask it to. But do not forget to award it with treat every time it obeys your commands.

3) Going For A Short Stroll

When your Bichon Frise is anxious, it is filled with energy. If you release this energy from the body of your Bichon then there are chances for its calling down. But the point to be remembered is that you need to go on for a small walk instead of a longer one. The reason behind this is that Bichon get tired by small walks and then ultimately calms don. But if you take your Bichon Frise for a much long time, then you may overstimulate your Bichon thus increasing the anxious behavior.

when will a bichon frise calm down

4) Give Bath To Your Bichon

Bathing can solve a number of problems and if you are finding the answer about how to calm down a Bichon Frise naturally then bathing is one of the major answers and a very convenient solution. Bathing can create a soothing effect in the mind of the owner as well as the Bichon Frise. Therefore, you can use this trick if you want to calm your Bichon down.

5) Giving Toys To Your Bichons

Toys like Kong prove to be very helpful when you need to calm down an anxious Bichon Frise. Kong is a toy which a hollow for the inner side. You can fill treats into this hollow region and hand it over to your bichon as it will help your Bichon calm down.

6) Cuddle Your Bichon Frise

Another method which can be used for calming Bichon Frise puppy is to cuddle your Bichon Frise. You can calmly cuddle it and try to relax it by gently patting on its back. In this way you an certainly calm down an anxious Bichon.

7) Hemp Oil Treatment

Bichon puppy calm down after feeling relaxed. It can be a very difficult situation when ever the bichon faces an anxiety attack. But you can also try to treat this anxiety problem by using the hemp oil for massaging your Bichon . This will relax your dog . One thing to be kept in mind is to use hemp oil of a certain definite composition i.e., 67 percent in most cases. Moreover, the recommendation is to use the hemp oil which has zero concentration of THC.

how to calm down a bichon frise naturally


Bichons tend to be very entertaining, joyous and cute dog which live peacefully. But in some case it may undergo some problems which can make them anxious. For instance, one such problem faced by Bichon Frise is separation Anxiety. Most owners do not know that how to calm down a Bichon Frise therefore we have provided a complete step by step guide to answer your question that how to calm a puppy down.

This answer is suitable enough to guide new owners as well as experienced owners. But if your Bichon still barks a lot and does not calms down by following all the above mentioned steps then certainly it is facing some sort of behavioral problem which can be solved by properly training your Bichon. Besides, you can also check the food consumed by your Bichon as your Bichon may become anxious on consuming some wrong dietary nutrient in a wrong quantity.


How to stop Bichon Frise barking?

Whenever Bichon Frise becomes anxious due to separation anxiety then it will always start barking continuously. Therefore, you need to find the reason for anxiety and then make the Bichon less anxious. If after certain trials you are still not able to control the barking of your Bichon then it certainly has some behavioral problem which needs to be treated right away.

When will a Bichon Frise calm down?

Bichons are full of energy when they are young. But after some years they can become normal after loosing their excess energy. So if you are still wondering that when do bichons calm down then according to usual cases a Bichon Frise of age ranging between 6 to 12 months can calm down.

Are Bichon Frise calm dogs?

If we consider a Bichon Frise in general then yes it is a calm dog, but it can always display the signs of anxiety when away from its owners. The problem can be exaggerated if it is scolded or if its owner shout on it.

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