Can Bichon Frise Swim – 5 Useful Tips & Challenges

Bichons are canines in true sense. In fact they are the cutest canines that you can witness around you. Not only are they beautiful but also active and agile. So if you ever wonder that can Bichon Frise swim, then the answer will be yes. Like all other dog breeds they can indulge in swimming. But this , may not prove to be be as simple as it seems.

Now one might think that all animals can swim naturally then why is swimming considered complicated for dog breeds. So to answer this question, not all dogs are natural swimmers like other animals. But when it comes to these small breeds with small stature and light weight, swimming will come naturally without making any apparent effort.

But this is not all, they will always be a little nervous on their first experience of swimming as they are companion dogs and may not like any activity in which they are left alone and not accompanied by their owner. But once they overcome the initial nervousness they can enjoy swimming. Apart from being an enjoyment, swimming is a complete physical exercise that can keep your Bichon Frise highly active as well as fit. Let’s learn more about Bichon Frise swimming and its impacts on it health.

Bichon Frise Love For Water

Like we mentioned earlier, this matter is not as simple as it seems. For instance, Bichons do not love water if it is meant for bathing this dog breed. But if they start swimming, they love water to an extreme extent. In a nutshell their love for water as well as swimming depends upon their initial experiences. In simple words if you choose a big pool for taking your Bichon for their initial swim, they will become intimidated and might not swim. Moreover, they will hate any future swimming experience if they fail in their first attempt.

As a result of this experience they might not like water and swimming later in their life. Or they may be nervous to swim. But in most case if trained properly they can learn swimming very rapidly. This may be due to the fact that they are the descendants of poodles and barbet, both of which are natural swimmers. So all you need is to use a gradual approach so as to avoid any nervousness.

Can Bichon Frise Swim?

Yes Bichon Frise can swim. Not only can they swim but they can become highly accomplished swimmers. All you need to do is to use a gradual approach and use a swimming vest initially so as to avoid any accidents. Using swimming vests is important during initial swimming as Bichons can become tired easily owing to their small size. Moreover, they might as well panic in water and drown. So always take these precautions. And with gradual approach your Bichon will become the best swimmer in comparison to other dogs. Rather bichons always prefer a steady appraoch not only for swimming but for all forms of training.


Challenges Faced By Bichon Frise During Swimming

Bichons may face certain challenges while swimming such as:

  1. They have a very small stamina so they can become tired easily. However you can improve their stamina by taking them for swimming time to time.
  2. They are small heighted dog with small legs therefore it is a bit difficult for them to swim for prolonged period of time.
  3. Bichons are brachycephalic puppies so they are more prone to contract respiratory illnesses. Moreover, they will also face problem in keeping their heads above the water surface. This can make swimming much more difficult for them. These problems are more evident when they grow old.
  4. In this way you can teach your Bichon to swim like other swimming dog.

Useful Suggestion For Swimming Of Bichon Frise

AS mentioned earlier Bichon Frise is a very different breed which is a bit difficult to teach swimming. But once they learn swimming they appear to be the perfect swimmers. But if you are a first time owner you need to keep some suggestions in mind so that you can handle your bichons easily.

  1. Use a swimming vest for first couple of swims. This will keep your Bichon Frise protected when they feel tired from swimming. Moreover they will face problem due to their small stamina.
  2. Never let your Bichon Frise enter the water without putting a leash around its neck. This will help you to control your bichon and then you can let them swim in deep waters without a great concern.
  3. Moreover, keep your Bichon near the exit gate. Besides, you can also check whether your bichon knows about the emergency exit. If he knows it can exit pool at the time of crisis otherwise it may die.
  4. As bichons lack in their stamina so you need to take them in the swimming pool for smaller duration so that they do not get tired easily.
  5. Always bathe your Bichon Frise after a swimming session so that they can be cleaned from any chemical present in water. In this way you can ensure the safety and health of your Bichon.
Bichon Frise Swim Swimming

Advantages of Swimming For Bichon Frise

Bichons like all animals need physical exercise, Therefore swimming proves to be the best exercise. Moreover, their joints work properly in all directions thus saving your Bichon Frise from stiffness of joints and arthritis during the later age. Another advantage of swimming is that it can help the Bichons o release the energy that pent up after some time. This release of energy can help prevent behavioral problems as they do not become anxious at all. And last but not the least, it aids in controlling the weight of Bichons.

Can Bichon Frise Swim With or Without Training?

If you are wondering that can bichon frise swim with our without training then let me make it clear for you. Yes! certainly bichon frise puppy training is essential for swimming and you can teach the Bichon Frise canine the complete process of swimming from the scratch. Although this dog breed may get nervous during their initial encounter with water, but you can carry on the learning process in a gradual manner.

First you can gradually expose your Bichon with water and once it is familiarized you can put a life jacket on it and a leash around its neck. After this you can take it inside the pool and allow the Bichon to swim. You can allow the dog to roam in the water with its leash in your hand. You may remove leash and life jacket after your Bichon becomes a natural swimmer.


Initially you might have thought that can bichon Frise swim. But now after a detailed discussion we came to know that swimming is one of the greatest exercise of all time. For Bichon Frise it can be a very hectic activity, but it tends to impact the whole body by providing a healthy physical activity. Moreover, you can also swim your dog and in this way you can develop a beautiful bond with it. So Bichons can certainly swim and it proves to be healthy for them in all aspects.

Can bichon frise swim for long duration and distance?

Some people may wonder that can bichon frise swim for long durations and distances then the answer is no. Bichon frise size limits their swimming capacity for very long distances as they have small stamina.

Can bichon frise swim naturally on its own?

No bichon frise cannot swim naturally, they are taught to swim by their owners.

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