How To Stop Bichon Frise From Peeing In The House?

Are you a new owner still struggling with housebreaking your Bichon Frise and do not know that how to stop Bichon Frise from peeing in the house? If so then you are in the right place. In this article we aim to explore the potential causes behind this peeing habit and the solutions which can be used to treat this problem. So, let’s learn a bit more about this problem from all point of views.

If you have just started the training process, then there is nothing to be worry about because such accidents do happen in the beginning and it is quite normal for any Bichon Frise to take sometime in getting fully trained. And even after being trained the accidents are bound to happen for some duration. But if you have trained your Bichon Frise for quite a long time and you are still facing Bichon Frise training problems then it is time to find the reason and then treat it accordingly.

8 Reasons Why Does My Bichon Frise Pee In The House

There are several reasons that can lead your Bichon Frise peeing in the wrong place and wrong time. Some of these reasons are mentioned below:

1) Fear and Stress

Stress and anxiety can act as a trigger for a number of different problems. One such problem is accidents even after an extensive potty and pee training. As far as fear is concerned, this may be due to meeting with many new people. Sometime leaving Bichon Frise home alone for a long time can also scare them leading to such accidents. So it is recommended to not leave these puppies unattended for quite a long time.

Most people do not realize when their Bichon Frise is anxious or scared. You have to look for signs like poor appetite, panting, excessive barking and even a display of aggressiveness. If such signs are displayed then surely your Bichon Frise is scared and in stress.

2) Medical Issue

Medical issues also tend to cause excessive and submissive urination in Bichon Frise. Some of the issues leading to Bichon Frise peeing in house are kidney diseases, urinary tract infections, diabetes and other old age problems. If the reason behind this problem is medical in origin then it is best to treat the medical issue.

3) Leaving Traces of Previous Traces

So it might sound a bit absurd, but if you do not clean the place where your Bichon Frise peed accidently then it can smell the odor and pee in the same place again. You can always use a Urine Gone Stain & Odor Eliminator to remove the odor and all the tracks of the previous accident this preventing Bichon Frise for peeing in the same place again.

4) Weather Pattern

Sometimes weather pattern seem to impact urination locations as the dog might not want to leave house in severe weather conditions like snow, rain or hail storm.

why does my bichon frise pee in the house

5) Changes In the Family

Another major reason that can explain Bichon Frise peeing in the house is any change in the family. For example a new born is added to family which made the Bichon Frise insecure or anxious or a new person moved in which scared your Bichon Frise. In both the cases excessive peeing inside the wrong place has been observed in majority Bichon Frise. So you need to calm down your Bichon Frise in the first place and then think that how to stop Bichon Frise from peeing in the house.

6) Happy Peeing

This is a very common phenomenon which has been observed not only in Bichon Frise but also in other dog breeds. In this issue the dog is too excited that it pees accidently. This is a case of over stimulation. This is normal and can happen and is not a permanent problem so you do not to worry a lot if something like this ever happens.

7) Improper or No Neutering & Spaying

Spaying & neutering is a very crucial act in ensuring the health of you dog. It can not only protect your dog from reproductive diseases and cancers, but it can also help control excessive and submissive urination which is considered as a medical as well as behavioral problem.

8) Abuse

If the Bichon Frise has been abused in any possible way then its daily routine gets disturbed. From its sleeping habits to appetite and even urination frequency gets disturbed. Once you understand and identify the reason for such accidents then you can further think about how to stop Bichon Frise from peeing in the house.

3 Solution About How To Stop Bichon Frise From Peeing In The House

By far you have only identified the potential causes for such problem, but now you will learn about how to stop Bichon Frise from peeing in the house. These solution will be based upon the reason which lead to the problem.

Training Bichon Frise: The first solution is to train the Bichon Frise. And if you are already training it then change your strategy. You can use positive reinforcement. One such product which can be given as a treat and is also really healthy is Pupford Freeze Dried 475+ Puppy Treats. It helps maintain health and also helps with training.

Secondly you can use fake grass turfs in your homes to mark the territory for your Bichon Frise. Besides this is not your only option. You may also use pee pads. Moreover, these pee pads are also of two types. One type of pad fits with the wall and protects the wall in case your Bichon Frise lifts leg while peeing. The other type of adsorbent pad is fit to be used on beds, sofas on floor and even in the cage.

Another solution during training is to use certain spray to stop puppy peeing in house. For instance you can use two types of sprays. You may use marking spray to tell about the place suitable for peeing and also use non-marking sprays to indicate the area where Bichon Frise peeing is restricted. The smell of these sprays can direct as well as stop Bichon Frise from peeing in the wrong space.

Visit to Physician: You can take your Bichon Frise to a vet as tricks to get your dog to stop peeing in the house. Their its medical illness can be treated in the best possible way and it can prevent accidents.

Avoiding Stressful Conditions: You can also avoid all sort of stressful conditions which can make your Bichon Frise anxious and fearful and in this way you can stop the trigger for such accidents. This also tend to reduce other problems like whining and excessive licking. These are some of the ways about how to stop Bichon Frise from peeing in the house.

bichon frise peeing in house


In this article we have taking a clear cut view of this problem and after a very extensive review we have not only found out the reasons behind this issue but e have also realized that how to stop Bichon Frise from peeing in the house home. And it is not surprising to realize that this problem may be caused by physical, mental or psychological issues. And once we treat these issues we can learn that how to stop Bichon Frise from peeing in the house.


How to stop a dog from peeing in the house?

The simplest answer is to train it extensively, but do not abuse or scare it. Do not get frustrated and deal the problem with patience. Find the probable causes and then treat Bichon Frise accordingly.

What is the age limit after which peeing accidents are problematic?

When the dog is above the age of 5 to months then urinating at wrong place is considered problematic. And it might need a treatment.

How do I know that my Bichon Frise is anxious or scared?

A scared dog is always different from its normal self. It will bark a lot and also pant. Moreover, its appetite will be quite disturbed. If you find these signs then your Bichon Frise is scared and anxious.

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