Brown Bichon Frise – Can Bichon Frise Be Brown?

Classically represented by a white snowy cloud coat, Bichon Frise are known for their incredibly entertaining personality and cute appearance. Any person who comes across white Bichon Frise cannot help but touch its downy coat. But white is not the only possible color. Apart from white, a mixture of white and apricot, white and tan, or cream white shades Bichon Frise colors have also been observed. But if we talk about brown Bichon Frise, they do not exist naturally rather brown Bichon Frise are more of a misinterpretation. We will learn more about it detail.

Are Brown Bichon Frise Even Possible In Nature? A Common Misinterpretation

In order to understand the color theory in Bichon Frise, you need to understand the genetics behind it as the color delegation process is genetic in its nature. So actually white color is certainly the most classic representation of Bichon Frise possible. This is not because it is the only color possible, rather white is an absence of pigmentation. Bichons lack dominant gene for pigmentation or color. But in some cases they have a recessive gene of pheomelanin.

Pheomelanin is a gene for pigment or color. As a result of this cream Bichons can shoe different color combinations like white and apricot, white and cream etc. These are the only pure breed colors that can exist in nature. Light brown Bichon Frise or chocolate brown Bichon Frise certainly do not exist in pure breeds, although these can be produced if a pure breed Bichon Frise is crossed with other dog breeds.

bichon frise brown

Mixed Breed Bichons That Can Be Brown

So now that we know that their is nothing like an actual brown Bichon Frise, therefore the next step is to mention the mixed breeds of Bichon Frise in which brown color is possible.

1. Silky Terrier Bichon

Silk chon also used an abbreviation for silk terrier Bichon Frise. This puppy can have brown and tan colors apart from the distinctive white coat. These appear exactly like Bichons Frise but color option vary a bit from them. This dog was initially designed to combine the personality and the physical trait of silky terrier and Bichon Frise.

2. Poochons

As the name indicates, Poochons is a mixed brown Bichon Frise poodle mix. As far as the characteristics of this breed are considered, it is produced by two incredible ancestors i.e., Bichon Frise and poodle, therefore in terms of characteristic these are best and resemble a lot with original pure breed Bichon Frise. Brown Bichon poodle mix is also a designer breed designed to combine the characteristics of both a poodle dog as well as a Bichon Frise. Isn’t it amazing to hear?

3. Fochons

A mixed breed that results from crossing a Bichon Frise with a fox terrier is often termed as a fo-chon. If we observe its characteristic then it is well recognized for its quirky temperament and happy go lucky kind of personality that separates it from all other dog breeds. It has a curly haired coat is brown in color.

They are best to be adopted by an active owner who can take it for exercise, swimming and long walks. But despite it active nature it can reside in small homes in the best possible way. As Fochons are extremely active they can be adopted by active as well as experienced owner because the first time owners may not be able to deal with them in certain scenarios.

4. Yorkie Bichon

Yorkie Bichon is an other mix breed that result from the cross between Bichon Frise pure breed and Yorkshire terrier. If we consider its characteristics then it is best suited for the owners who love to have a long lasting companionship with their pets. In contrast to pure breed Bichon Frise, this mixed breed dog is rather stubborn. I is not easy to train like a Bichon and will always need a proper training. In some cases you may even have to get a professional help for training this breed of dog.

5. Cavachon

A mixed breed produced by cross between Bichon Frise and Cavalier King Charles spaniel is referred to as a cava-chon. The mixed breed produced is generally cool in its temperament. But they can become aggressive as they have greater chances of facing separation anxiety and you need to calm it down. They are very reasonably easy to teach and are quick learners. They have the same characteristic curly and downy fur but the colors possible range from light brown to dark brown.

bichon brown


Bichon brown color is certainly not a possibility. It is only possible in case of designer mix breeds, but they tend to have very similar characteristics. They require the same grooming and training. Moreover, their food preferences are quite similar and sometimes the food sensitivities also quite match. Therefore, brown Bichon Frise mixed breed are often confused as being Bichon Frise pure breed.

Brown Bichon Frise full grown mixed breeds also have almost the same size as Bichon Frise pure breed. As far as price range is concerned it varies but the price 2000 dollars is a standard in the market for a classic white breed Bichon Frise so the price of these Bichon Frise brown mixed breed will be close to the same value.


What is brown Bichon Frise price in the market?

If we look for the cost of the Bichon Frise , then almost 2000 dollars price range is present in the case of a classic Bichon Frise. But as the brown Bichon Frise tend to exist only as a designer breeds so the price range may vary a bit from the price of any regular Bichon Frise in nature.

Which Bichon Frise colors are possible when it comes to pure breed?

Pure breed Bichon Frise means naturally existing Bichon Frise that are produced by the cross of two simple Bichon Frise. When we talk about pure breed Bichon Frise only a few colors can be observed, These include white, a mixture of white and cream colored stripes and last but not the least an apricot colored and white colored stripe like pattern. Other than these colors no shade is possible. In other words brown Bichon Frise does not exist naturally.

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