Bichon Frise Pros And Cons – Must Consider Before You Get One

Pets are like members of family. Therefore, you have to think thoroughly before making a decision about one. Now if your heart melts by the cuteness of Bichon Frise but you are still not sure about adopting it then you are on the right place. We have provided a complete description of Bichon Frise pros and cons in order to ease the decision making process for you and other people like you who want to adopt a pet but cannot make the decision instantly. Mentioned below are the Bichon Frise advantages disadvantages so that you can have a general idea about Bichons.

Bichon Frise Pros And Cons

Bichon Frise are small little cotton balls that are loved, cuddled and adored by pet owners. They are the most preferred pets from the era of renaissance. Apart from their adorable nature, they are also known for their entertaining and joyous personality. Certainly, they are absolutely adored by majority of people who meet them. But not all the aspects of Bichons are loved. Along with many reasons to get a Bichon Frise there are certain bad things about Bichon Frise which might convince you otherwise. Therefore you need to learn both aspects before making any decision, because you are not just adopting a pet rather you are including a member to your family.

Small SizeDemanding Nature
Low Maintenance CostDifficult To Housebreak
Less Grooming RequiredVulnerable To Health Issues
Easy To Train
Friendly Nature
what are the pros and cons of a bichon frise

Why Bichon Frise Are The Best

1. Small Size

Bichons are size friendly dogs. Now you might wonder what is site friendly. By size friendly we mean that they are suitable even for owners with small sized apartment. They do not need a lot of space to play. A walk around the block is enough for them. And if you do not have time to take your pup for a stroll, it can be quite content with indoor playtime.

Besides, a big need of all dog breed is mental stimulation. To your surprise small puzzles in the indoor area is more than enough to stimulate the Bichon Frise mentally. Although these dogs can have good exercise indoors, but still you should never ignore the advantages of outdoor activities like swimming and playing. If you fail to take your bichon for physical activity then it is more likely to develop behavioral issues.

2. Cost

This may not sound like a very certain reason to new owners, but pet lovers will surely know the importance of economical maintenance cost of pets. As for bichons are considered, they do not need a lot of grooming as compared to other dog breeds. So you will not have to spend a lot on the maintenance of the puppy.

3. Training

Bichons are relatively easy to train in contrast to other breeds of dogs. They are quiet breed in most cases but if they bark a lot then their is certainly a problem. Once you find the problem and solve it, they will automatically calm down. So you see, you can easily train a Bichon Frise.

4. Less Grooming

Another fact to be mentioned while listing Bichon Frise pros cons is that it needs relatively lesser grooming than other dogs. This is true owing to the fact that it shed very little. So if you want to cut its fluffy fur you can do that at home, but it is better to visit professional after some months. It might not be a compulsion, but still it is advised by most bichon lovers.

5. Friendly Nature

Most couples when adopting pets worry about the safety of their children and other pets at home. When choosing a dog most would think about their interaction with their pet cats and rabbits. But the most important pro of adopting a Bichon Frise is its friendly nature. It does not threatens the safety of other pets, rather it develops a very friendly interaction with other animals.

Coming towards the second issue i.e., safety of children. So the good news is that Bichons are absolutely safe even with children. Small children love to cuddle them due to their ultra soft fluffy fur. And older children love to walk them and play with them. Moreover, bichons do not bark a lot so they do not scare children. So they are absolutely suitable companion both with pets and children.

Some Reason Why You Should Not Get A Bichon Frise

The aim of this article is to mention Bichon Frise pros and cons and we have already listed the advantages of buying Bichon Frise puppies. Next we will be mentioning some cons. Then you can weight both the procs and cons to make a decision according to your demands.

1. Demanding Nature

Bichons are known for their demanding nature when it comes to the availability of their owners. They crave the presence of their owners and may also face severe separation anxiety if they are kept away from their owner.

The major reason for this anxiety is that they are loved by all people around them owing to their cuteness. Due to this fact they are not used to live without companion. So if you leave them alone or unattended they will become anxious. Therefore, it is important to crate train them when they are young to avoid such problems.

why bichon frise are the best

2. Difficult House Breaking

One Bichon Frise pros and cons puppy to be discusses is its difficult housebreaking specifically during early age. This is due to the fact that they have very small bladders. So the best idea is to allocate a bathroom spot for them inside the house and then train them to go to that specific area when they want to relieve themselves.

3. Health Issues

One con which should be mentioned in this list of Bichon Frise pros and cons is the health issues like cancer, arthritis, eye allergies and dental infections which are very likely to occur. So, adopt then once you are ready enough to cope with such challenges because once you adopt it you will not want it to die due to negligence.


In this article we aimed to answer the most asked question of all the time that what are the pros and cons of a Bichon Frise. As mentioned earlier there are a number of pros and cons of owning a Bichon Frise but the most important ones have been mentioned above. Now you need to study them and then weight them according to your views to decide whether you should buy a Bichon Frise or not. Every person might derive a different conclusion owing to the lifestyle he or she has and the facilities that he or she can offer to the adopted pet.

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