How To Potty Train A Bichon Frise – 4 Easy Steps

Bichons are known for their friendly and adorable nature. They make great companions, this is why they are adopted by couples who do not have children. After adopting a Bichon the first priority of any owner is to potty training Bichon Frise. Potty training Bichon seems very overwhelming for first time owners, but you do not need to worry. We have provided a complete step by step guide about how to potty train a Bichon Frise to ease the process for you. It might take some time in the beginning, but this approach is very effective and has proved to be useable for many owners.

How To Potty Train A Bichon Frise

Training Bichon Frise is an easy yet a technical process. You need to adopt the best possible approach so that you do not make any mistake that further complicates the training process. Following proper guidelines is crucial as it can make training process easy, but if you fail to your Bichon then you may have to take professional help. This professional help can be very costly in most cases. Now let’s discuss Bichon Frise potty training process in detail.

Step 1: Immediate Training

The foremost advice to Bichon lovers is to initiate training your Bichon immediately. This will help you understand the behavior of your Bichon and also allow your Bichon to get trained in less time.

Step 2: Crate Training

Crate is like a den for your dog .They tend to hide, live, sleep as well as relieve themselves in crates. You need to train your Bichon Frise to stay calm in its crate until you are busy or sleeping. Moreover, it should also relieve itself in the crate. Now the question arises that how can be crate train a Bichon. Certainly, your Bichon would never get into crate that easily. You need to prepare treats for your Bichon Frise and give them this treat only if they listen to your command and stay in crate for quite as long as you want.

are bichons hard to potty train

One thing to be kept in mind is that do not give excessive treats to your Bichons as they may become habitual and stop listening to your command. Moreover, excessive sugar is very harmful for dogs. Every time the Bichons listen to you, you can award the treat. But you should elongate the treat time after every successful meeting. This will boast their morale and they will be potty trained in the proposed time.

Step 3: Proper Time Management

Bichons are small sized puppies, which means that all their body parts as well as inner organs are of small sized. Therefore, we can also say that their intestine as well as urinary bladder is small. This is why they often need to urinate and defaecate. So in order to potty train your Bichon Frise you need to set a proper time for taking them outside the house or to their toilet spot if they relieve themselves inside the house.

For instance, you need to take your Bichon for a stroll 15 to 20 minutes after their meal time. This time period is selected as Bichons defaecate 15 to 20 minutes after eating a meal. In this way you can take the Bichon Frise to its usual toilet spot and in turn make it realize that it has to come to this spot whenever it feels the need to defaecate itself. Also award it treat once it reaches the correct spot.

Now most of you might winder that how to potty train a Bichon Frise initially, then you can first take a note book and note that at what time does your Bichon Frise relieve itself. Moreover, you can make a complete list and also note down if any accidents occur in between. After the initial week you will learn a lot of details from your schedule chart.

Step 4: Paper Training

If you are not able to set a proper schedule to take your Bichon out for a walk and you cannot allow your Bichon to defaecate in crates then paper training is one of the best option. By using a paper for training you can make sure to train your Bichon as and when required. This can also be done by giving treats on listening to your command.

Potty training bichon frise puppy


Bichons are very cute dogs with little or nothing to worry about. They are smart, creative and genuine. But potty training them can be usually exhausted. Therefore, we have provided our users with a complete Bichon Frise potty training tips. If you really follow each and every tip religiously then you can achieve a very well trained Bichon Frise which is well aware of where and when to relieve itself. This is certainly the goal of most of the learners around us have set when ever we adopt a Bichon Frise.


How long does it take to potty train a Bichon Frise?

Most of the people who want to adopt Bichon Frise are afraid about thraining them. Few of them are overwhelmed by the idea of potty training. But there is nothing to worry about. If the owner is able to adopt the correct approach and if the Bichon Frise has no other underlying issue then a time period of 3 months is more than enough for Potty training Bichon Frise puppy.

Are Bichon Frise easy to potty train?

People often inquire that are Bichons hard to potty train. Let us explain the answer in a proper way. Although Bichon Frise is the most suitable breed of dog to be adopted by families and couple, yet when it comes to potty training it is not an easy task. You have to train your Bichon with patience and without getting frustrated.

Do Bichons urinate frequently?

Bichons are very small sized breed of dogs. When we say small, we can imply that all the organs in their body are small. So is the urinary bladder. This is why Bichons urinate frequently and are not able hold their urine for a very long time. Therefore, you need to take them to their toilet spot after every 2 to 3 hours.

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