6 Reasons Why Do Bichon Frise Whine & Quick Solutions

Bichon Frise are known to make their owners proud with their lovely nature, friendly attitude and peaceful companionship. Most of the time they are very easy to handle and manageable, but at some occasions things might get out of control. These few occasions can be very stressful for any Bichon lover and it may compel them to think that why do Bichon Frise whine? Or why do Bichons cry?

These questions are very simple to read but very difficult to answer. This is because you have to be very experienced to understand the communication language of your Bichon. No need to worry even if you are a new owner. We can always share our experience with you and make such stressful situations easy to handle for you. So let’s understand the probable reasons behind this problem.

Why Do Bichon Frise Whine?

Having a Bichon Frise as a pet is a dream to some and reality to others. Those who are fortunate enough to experience the solacing companionship of this breed to dogs make them their center of attention through out the day. Therefore, a single cry from this lovely pet can break your heart and you will ask yourself that why does my Bichon whine. Although it will be a stressful time for you but the need of time will be to understand the reason behind those cries. Mentioned below are some of the probable reasons behind the Bichon Frise whine sound.

1. Lack of Mental Stimulation

Each and every action of your Bichon Frise is a form of communication ranging from barking to crying or even pacing. For instant if you observe that your Bichon Frise whines all the time and is restlessly pacing from one place to another, then it means that there is energy pent up inside it and therefore it is in desperate need of a stroll or some sort of mental stimulation. In such case you need to take your Bichon for any physical activity.

2. Stress

Sometimes our pets are uncomfortable with the presence of someone or some thing, it may be a human or another animal. in such a case your Bichon will bark and also whine in severe cases if it feels helpless. Your first priority should be to find the trigger that is making your Bichon so stresses that it is showing such signs like excessive licking, whining etc.

3. Age

Age plays a very significant role in determining the behavior of your Bichon Frise. With the passage of time as your Bichon grows old it can experience many old age problems like dental issue, joint pain and pelvic dysplasia. Sometimes they may also contract fatal diseases like cancer. As a result they are in constant or frequent discomfort and thus they may whine a lot.

4. Separation Anxiety

This term is very common when it comes to Bichon Frise. They are known for being a little too attached with their owner. Many pet lovers also claim that signs like whining, display of aggressiveness are all the call for attention from the owner. This a reason for the question that why do Bichon Frise whine at night even though they seem comfortable. Actually they feel lonely and lack attention and this is why they may also cry at night. This aspect is one of the difficulty that you might face after adopting a Bichon Frise as a pet.

bichon frise whines all the time

5. Behavioral Problem

Bichons are such a cute breed that people who have never adopted them may say that do Bichons whine. They appear calm and cool but in some cases they may develop behavioral problems that make them whine, bark, lick and even bite. Such behavioral problems can be caused by illness, poor sleeping habits, lack of exercise. So you need to check all these aspects if you witness a lot of whining.

6. Hunger Or Thirst

Another crucial aspect to be remembered is the feeling of hunger and thirst. Yes if you are not feeding your Bichon proper diet at regular intervals required for its proper growth then it will cry. Pets are a great responsibility so chances of mistakes are very little with them .You also need to take care that the food should be suitable for them. For example do not feed it something that your Bichon is allergic towards.

How To Stop a Bichon Frise From Whining?

Once you realize that why do Bichon Frise Whine so much, the next step must be to find the solution of the problem. The solution of this whining problem depends upon the reason which is leading to this behavior. Listed below are the probable solutions according to the reasons causing them


If your Bichon is not getting proper sleep or its energy pent up or even if it becomes stressed or exhibits separation anxiety, in all cases the solution lies in proper training. Training can be of many different forms ranging from potty training to crate training, physical exercise and mental stimulation. All these trainings are significant in their own ways therefore, you need to ensure that your Bichon Frise is getting trained in all possible ways as it will relieve your Bichon and it will become very social.

Build Confidence

Most of the time your Bichon Frise will become stressed and anxious and will exhibit signs that it has never done in the normal routine. This means that you need to build its confidence. Certainly, this is a very important aspect of its training. You need to give it commands and then appreciate it when it listens to you. You can also take it for walk in parks so that it can interact with other people and pets and get rid of its insecurity.

Mental Stimulation

Your Bichon not only needs physical activity, but is also needs some mental stimulation. So you can give it some puzzle to solve. In this way it will get busy even when you are not around to give it attention. This ensures proper sleep , reduces restlessness and also decreases chances of your Bichon experiencing separation anxiety.

why do bichons cry

Vet Consultation

Like any physical illness, behavioral problems also require proper care. So if you are not able to find the trigger for the problem then you need to visit the vet. Although it is expensive, yet it is not more important than your Bichon’s health & well being.


Bichons are easy to manage breed and it can also be trained easily but the only aspect that gives hard time to its owner is related to its behavior in time of stress or discomfort. In this article we have discussed every probable reason that can explain that why do Bichon Frise whine from time to time. Not only does this article aims to answers this question that why do Bichon Frise whine but it also tells you all possible solutions that you can use to deal with this problem. So even if you do not know any thing about this aspect of Bichon Frise you do not need to worry.


How to address this problem of whining in Bichon Frise?

In order to address this problem you need to follow the given steps:
1. Recognize the trigger.
2. Try to avoid this trigger as much as possible.
3. If your Bichon still whines then try to engage it.
4. Use positive reinforcement by giving treats for every command that your Bichon listens to.
5. If due to medical illness then get it treated.

Why do Bichon Frise whine in the morning?

Whining in morning may be a sign of stress. This may arise if you change the morning rituals that your Bichon is well adapted to and it is now feeling anxious due to this change. But apart from this, this whining can be anxiety or discomfort.

Why do Bichon Frise whine while sleeping?

If whining is observed during sleep and naps the you need to ensure that the sleeping area is comfortable and dark. Because in sleep they cannot demand your attention.

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